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Dance Gavin Dance, War Machine: Song Meaning Explained


“War Machine,” written by Tilian, Jon Mess, Will Swan, Andrew Wells & Matt Mingus, is a song released on the 24th of October, 2023. It is the second song released from Dance Gavin Dance’s upcoming album. The meaning of “War Machine” lyrics by Dance Gavin Dance is getting close to self-discovery with personal struggles and resilience. This song is about a journey filled with risk, defiance, and tragedy for our own personal growth. It is about the wisdom we find in our search for help to transform our lives. Also, this song resonates with people who’ve faced personal battles and aspire to overcome them. You can listen to Dance Gavin Dance’s “War Machine” below.

Official Music Video of “War Machine” by Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance, War Machine: Song Meaning Explained

The first verse of the song “War Machine” lyrics by Jon Mess is about taking risks to live a self-assured life. Here, the lines “Risking your position when you feel like you’re invincible” and “Kid with intuition says ‘I think this ship is sinkable'” mean to push boundaries as well as our recklessness. He sings, “My business is to walk the line and make this death original”. This means he is fearless and not scared at all to embrace his true self. Then, the line “Who wanted bad glad sad mad dad chad?” means human emotions are very complex to see things in a black and white manner. He asks whether anyone actually desires negativity or is just a façade. Then, he contemplates the choice between feigning our vulnerable side or embracing life’s unpredictability.

In the chorus of the song, Tilian talks about the tragedy the band members had to go through together for their personal growth. The line “Didn’t wanna have to sing about our tragedies” means he is reluctant to address his personal pain. Here, the word “tragedies” means the weight of the experiences they share together as band members. Tilian yearns for self-growth and change. But he understands that his life trauma has been holding him back. Also, the line “So I’ve been greedy for guidance, thirsting for soul” means he desires someone to direct him towards emotional healing.

The post-chorus of “War Machine” lyrics by Tilian talks about battling our inner conflicts and showing self-restraint at the same time. Here, the line “Stifled silence by my own device” means he feels inhibited on a personal level and he struggles to express his true self. The mention of “My skin suit I never wear” means Tilian longs to live his life by embracing his true identity to the world. In the bridge section of the song, Jon Mess shows his cynical side full of disillusion. The lines “The delusion idolized with wounds in their rounds” and “The lonesome stink eyes, they preach to the house flies” mean the singer criticizes the false ideals and pretentiousness people have grown comfortable with. Here, the reference to “a pig with the pearls” means to be hypocritical.

In the pre-chorus of the song, Jon Mess, Andrew Wells, and Tilian share their story of self-sufficiency, resistance to change, and sharing problems with each other. Jon Mess is willing to provide for others in this life. It is well juxtaposed with Andrew Wells’ idea of having “millions of mouths to feed.” The lines “Endless violence is my only vice // it’s my skin suit I never wear” mean how people develop emotional armor to protect themselves from their own internal conflict. The singer understands hiding his own identity has diminished his self-worth and he must confront his true self. This is clarified in the breakdown section of the song. Here, Jon Mess shows a sense of confusion and frustration as he doesn’t know what to do. Read the complete original lyrics of Dance Gavin Dance’s “War Machine” via Genius.

Context of “War Machine” Song by Dance Gavin Dance

“War Machine” by Dance Gavin Dance is a reflection on the band’s personal and the struggles they had to go through together. It is about overcoming the struggles they had to face both in the music industry as well as in their individual lives. “War Machine” is the latest release by Dance Gavin Dance, after their successful 2022 album, Jackpot Juicer. This song, much like their earlier release “The Ghost Of Billy Royalton,” shows their perspectives on recent controversies surrounding the band.

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