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What Is DJ Khaled & Drake ‘GREECE’ Lyrics Meaning All About?


DJ Khaled & Drake – GREECE Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics in the new song ‘GREECE’ by DJ Khaled is all about Drake showing the luxurious meaning of life for his significant other. In the song, the rapper talks about what his romantic interests can expect from him in case they decide to go out on a date with him. Hello everyone, this is Patrick for Laviasco providing you with the most intellectual analysis of the song. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well. This is DJ Khaled’s first release since May 2019’s Father of Asahd.

In the braggadocios lyrics of the song “GREECE”, Drake talks about the value he provides in the relationship. The value is of course surrounded by him being able to purchase anything he wants to.

Introduction: GREECE Lyrics

Dwelving in the lyrics of the song, Drake guarantees his romantic interest to be tied in an expensive lifestyle. This includes holidays to Greece and luxurious apparel. However, the fun and excitement are short-lived in his relationships. Then, he needs to face troubles in a relationship just like everyone else. Towards the end of the song, he alters the tone of his voice. Here, he talks about problems in affairs that arise because of his fortune and reputation.

Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah

We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah

Come with me, fly you out to Greece

Full speed, survoler Paris, yeah

Notable lyrics to GREECE by DJ Khaled & Drake

GREECE Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘GREECE’ by DJ Khaled and Drake section-wise in detail. Before that let’s point out a few facts from the song.

Facts About GREECE Song by Drake & DJ Khaled

  1. Drake first teased the song during an Instagram Live stretch on the 1st May 2020, after the dropping his fifth mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes.
  2. On the 30th of June 2020, Drake and Khaled both uploaded images of owls, which is the logo of Drake’s OVO Sound, hinting at a probable collaboration.
  3. On the 15th of July 2020, DJ Khaled released the release date of the song and cover art on his Instagram account.
  4. The song was released on the 17th of July 2020.

[Intro/ Chorus: DJ Khaled & Drake]

What is a DJ Khaled song without his iconic “We The Best” brand? The song, of course, begins with his trademarked slogans, the next being “another one”, which are the only ways we know DJ Khaled is involved in the song. We are then greeted with a fun chorus where Drake assures of vacations in Greece and France along with the promises of a luxurious lifestyle. He also promises of Gucci and Louis Vuitton purchases for his romantic interest. While the initial promises sound flattering, Drake would rather much ignore the emotional aspects of the relationship.

[Verse 1: Drake]

In the first verse, the rapper promises to go on a vacation in Florida based Nikki Beach Worldwide. It is a luxury beach club brand that has settings around the world, including in Greece. However, the mention of “speedboats” could be referring to the Floridian beach club. The same beach is the spot where the baby mother of Drake’s son, Adonis, Sophie Brussaux is used to hanging out. OZ is a Swiss producer who has worked with Drake on multiple occasions. For the rapper, the life is colorful and sweet which he wishes to share with his romantic interest.

[Verse 2: Drake]

The rapper tries to show the level of expenses that he can make to attract romantic interest in his life. In the second verse, he talks about his willingness to drive Rolls-Royce for his romantic interest while giving her the privilege to live in the gated hidden hills where the affluent people reside. Then, the rapper shows off his jewelry which apparently is enough to intimidate the significant other that he wants to pursue. He says his affluent taste gives his partner some sort of intimidation chills. Then, the rapper tries once again to impress his crush with his generous luxurious offers.

[Outro: Drake]

Because of his status and wealth, Drake needs to keep his emotions on the check. This is because everyone wants to be around him. In case he chooses to use his heart over the brain, he can lose half of his fortune to his “love” and he cannot afford to lose what he has earned. Plus, if a man shows any form of emotions, he is considered to be a weak one in this world. Therefore, he has relationship problems while staying within the realm of his emotions by withholding affection. This doesn’t work out in a relationship he wants to pursue.

Conclusion: GREECE Meaning Drake

Despite the fortune which most people run for in order to pursue happiness, Drake spits out the harsh reality of the problems that wealth and power can have over a relationship in the song ‘GREECE’.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘GREECE’ by Drake and DJ Khaled? Let us know in the comments section below.

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