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Father of Asahd Album Review


DJ Khaled – Father of Asahd Album Review

‘Father of Asahd’ is a debut album released by the Titan of the music industry, DJ Khaled. Khaled is also a social media star, advertiser and some might go as far as to call him a living meme. The popularity of DJ Khaled has set a baseline for people to understand his role in his albums in an artistic way and most of us know for a fact that Khaled is not a producer of his music. Let’s review ‘Father of Asahd’ album by DJ Khaled.


DJ Khaled is instead a curator, a mover, a shaker and a director. Khaled is somebody who basically selects and funds a bunch of rappers, singers, and producers so as for them to come together in a track of his imagination. It’s pretty surprising that somehow a song comes out of this tedious procedure and sometimes the released songs are actually hit songs.

Meanwhile, the role of DJ Khaled is to mastermind a track that climbs up the charts. For this very reason, I, as well as millions of people including celebrities, have huge respect for the guy. But the thing is, DJ Khaled is not exactly a singer, not exactly a producer and not exactly a songwriter. As a result, he tends to put out a lot of uninspiring projects in the music world.

Selective Tracklist For Review

Let’s review the album ‘Father of Asahd’ track-wise.

  • Holy Mountain

The opening track has so many singers and performers and the song feels like a reggae flip. It’s an absolute mess. The song is in a perpetual state of booting up. The song never reaches a moment where it feels like the song has officially started.

  • Wish Wish

The track ‘Wish Wish’ features Cardi B and 21 Savage. The lyrical focus on the song seems so bland and the lyrical content of the song is overshadowed by other high pitched nuances. The artists involved during the making of this song should have focused on doing quality and recognizable collaborations elsewhere.

  • Celebrate

The song ‘Celebrate’ features Travis Scott and Post Malone. Travis’s hook on the song is not so very good lyrically. It feels as if Travis had been paid a ton of money just for him to show up and vocally riff with some auto-tune reverb on his voice.

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  • Big Boy Talk

The song ‘Big Boy Talk’ features Rick Ross and Jeezy. The track doesn’t feel bad while listening to it. It feels like a bling era throwback with some decent performances by these guys. However, for me, it is criminally short and is under-written.

  • Top Off

The track ‘Top Off’ features the industry’s respected icons such as Jay Z, and Beyonce. The track feels like the exact copy of his previous single with these artists on ‘I Got the Keys’. However, the new song ‘Top Off’ is never going to be a hit because of the lines by Future, they are lyrical garbages.

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  • No Brainer

Again, the song ‘No Brainer’ features Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo. The song sounds familiar to what we’ve heard before, i.e. ‘I’m the One’. ‘I’m the One’ is, however infinitely better track than ‘No Brainer’ as the hook is pretty sweet and the instrumental is better as well on ‘I’m the One’.

  • Freak N You

The song ‘Freak N You’ features Lil Wayne and Gunna. Their combinations don’t really make much sense. The song is absolutely redundant and totally pointless.

  • Weather the Storm

The track ‘Weather the Storm’ features Meek Mill and Lil Baby. In the song, Meek’s performance is pretty invigorating. He is definitely a breath of fresh air on this album. However, the combination of Meek Mill with Lil Baby makes absolutely no sense. They have two totally different styles that are not complimentary.

  • Won’t Take My Soul

The song ‘Won’t Take My Soul’ features Nas and Cee Lo Green. This track falls under one of the brightest track hidden amidst the mess of the songs.

  • Higher

The track ‘Higher’ features Nipsey Hussle and John Legend. The hook on this track by John Legend is actually pretty awesome. Nipsey’s performance and the lyrics on ‘Higher’ are heartfelt. The vocal delivery by John Legend is pretty incredible. The grand piano infuses instrumental used in the song and sounds glamorous, powerful and uplifting.

  • Jealous

The song ‘Jealous’ features Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean. The track sounds absolutely generic.

  • Holy Ground

The track ‘Holy Ground’ features Buju Banton. The intro cut of this song is hugely inspired by reggae music. But I guess it’s one of the better tunes in the entire album comparatively. The vocals in this song are slightly rough and the production is kind of cheap.

  • Just Us

The song ‘Just Us’ features SZA. The song is so boring to listen to as SZA basically vocally riffing over the instrumental to ‘Miss Jackson’. But it’s not the authentic instrumental.


Opinion I

It is very trendy right now for rappers to be guiding these large scale collaborative projects that involve a lot of input from a lot of different people. However, this has been Khaled’s journey since forever. For me, he is probably a guy that can put out a lot of hit singles than a guy that can put out a better album.

Opinion II

However, the quality of the songs in this project is awful. There are some tracks in the album without proper rhymes and are similar to very annoying traffic jam. Some of the tracks are merely passable and feature a very generic trap instrumental.

Opinion III

Some of the songs in this album feature the artists DJ Khaled has had past successes. In almost the same genetic makeup, Khaled seems to be trying to see if the lightening of success will strike the same spot once again. Some other featuring combinations on this record don’t really make any sense. If Khaled were to combine people to a romantic relationship, he would create some of the worst relationships of all time.


‘Father of Ashad’ is really a hot mess. The album has very little to offer in terms of anything likable and enjoyable on this project. However, I don’t think it is the fault of any of these artists necessarily for the songs being unlistenable. But the combinations thrown in by DJ Khaled make the album ten times unbearable.

Personal Take

I give ‘Father of Asahd’ by DJ Khaled a deserving 01/10 in the Album Review category. Maybe focus on utilizing artistic integrity while making the record than collecting mediocrity just for the sake of relevancy.

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