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Drake New Song – Money in the Grave Lyrics Meaning


Drake – Money in the Grave Lyrics Meaning

Beating the “Drake Curse“, Drake has released a new song ‘Money in the Grave’ after Toronto Raptors’ first NBA championship. The song features Rick Ross. The singers sing about their hustle and success in this song. Let’s learn the meaning of the lyrics of ‘Money in the Grave’, aka a new Drake song.


The title of the song is very descriptive to overlook the theme of the song itself. The rapper has intense trust issues. He doesn’t want anyone else other than him to enjoy his accomplishment and hard work after his death. Drake would rather have his money in his own grave.

The song highlights Drake’s belief in the possibility of an afterlife as well. He wants to stay paid even in his afterlife. Drake envisions to born rich in another life. Therefore, he wants all of his money in his grave when he dies.

Money in the Grave Lyrics Meaning

In the first verse, Drake shows potential threats around him to his audience. The rapper gives us a subtle hint about his newly born son and references the mother of his son as ‘hoes’. He talks about living with neighbors like Kanye West who always lookout for something bad going on in his life so as to use it as their weapon someday.

Drake talks about his beef with Meek Mill that ignited in July of 2015. In late 2018, they ended their beef by collaborating on a few songs.

In the chorus section, the rapper shows how grateful he is to have all the high-class privileges. However, in the next life, he doesn’t want to born poor. Thus, he wants all of his money buried in his own grave.

The lyrics in the second verse is him boasting about his career profile. He says he is on the top of the music industry. However, he is scared of the fact that his position might drop anytime. Despite he is scared, he is still on top and there are thousands of people who want to swap positions with Drake.

The lyrics in the third verse by Rick Ross give a whole different meaning to ‘Money in the Grave’. He highlights the untrustworthy people around them who move from one person to another after they get what they want.

The verse continues with Rick Ross talking about his unlimited wealth and power. Both him as well as Drake want their money buried in their own graves.


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