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Do You Wish To Disappear? Lana Del Rey – How to disappear Lyrics Meaning


Lana Del Rey – How to disappear Lyrics Meaning

Lana Del Rey wants to disappear from everything. Learn how to disappear by decoding the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘How to disappear’ by Lana Del Rey.

“How to disappear” is produced by Jack Antonoff. The song is about a guy who is incapable of expressing his feelings. Her man child as mentioned in the song titled as the album.


“How to disappear” is the eighth track on her newest album, NFR! It is the last song on the album written in a collaboration with Jack Antonoff.

The singer first debuted this song live at the Apple keynote event, which took place in Brooklyn, New York.

How to disappear Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘How to disappear’ by Lana Del Rey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

This is one of the few songs where Lana namedrops a guy.

In this song, the story is about her and a guy named John. John and Lana met each other on the boulevard of all the broken dreams.

Lana felt too comfortable with the guy too soon that she began crying on his shoulders. She felt like “life is too hard”.

I mean, common now, common already!

But suddenly, the waves of negative thoughts came over her head. The reality struck hard on her.

She isn’t close to him anymore. Then, she realized she has been lied to by everyone around her. However, he, Mr. John, was always true to her.

But yet he still chooses to come in and out of her life whenever he pleases.


According to Lana Del Rey, this is how you really disappear.

One moment you make someone feel amazing and make them say “F**k it I love you” and the next moment you ghost someone.

This is how you disappear from people’s lives because people always take you for granted when you are close to them.

But then, when you walk away, they begin to realize your disappearance.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, Lana namedrops another guy named “Joe”. He is the guy who has appeared on Lana’s discography the most.

Here is the story behind their relationship. They met each other in the training yard.

When they met, he had had several cuts on his face. Apparently, he had had a tough practice in the training yard.

Lana has been never separated her from Jim’s (Joe’s) soul. She still loves him like the first time.

The singer never tried to know the side of Joe’s on what he thinks of her. Nevertheless, she always felt complete with him.

Even though many years have passed, she is reluctant to forget him.

However, she had speculated that the guy was in love with abusive substances than he was in love with her.

He would choose the substances over her on any given day.

This is how you really disappear from someone’s life.

[Verse 3]

In the third verse, Lana Del Rey describes her life after she left New York City.

Furthermore, she is dreaming of how she sees her life to be in the upcoming days as well.

The singer sees herself with a kid and two cats in her yard. She sees herself in California, she has no plans to move out of the city.

As Lana writes this verse, she is talking about her future while reminiscing about her past at the same time.


Lana Del Rey is letting her lovers know that she will always be in California. She has no plans to move out whatsoever.

No one around her is going to leave her as well. People always enter and leave her life. But they do not leave her completely.

They will come around once again and no one is going anywhere.


The major question would be, are you willing to disappear yet? If yes, Lana has shared the secrets of disappearing.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “How to disappear” by Lana Del Rey?

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