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Eminem ‘Godzilla’ Lyrics Meaning Features Late Juice WRLD


Eminem – Godzilla With Juice WRLD Lyrics Meaning

The rapper Juice WRLD had been extremely public and had once named Eminem as one of his hugest impacts. On top of this, Juice WRLD has often referenced his songs to Eminem. This song also fulfills as Juice WRLD’s first posthumous release since passing away on the 8th of December 2019. WRLD apparently taped the chorus section for the song before his shocking death. However, the sources confirm that he was not able to finish a substantial verse in time. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Godzilla’ by Eminem featuring Juice WRLD. The music video for Godzilla is now dropped by Eminem by collaborating with the Lyrical Lemonade director Cole Bennett with crazy hidden meaning.

Introduction: Godzilla Lyrics

Eminem and late rapper Juice WRLD have collaborated in the track titled ‘Godzilla’. Here, the rappers correlate themselves to demons. To be specific with the meaning, Eminem and Juice WRLD evolve as Godzilla. We should understand that Godzilla is an imaginary demon living under the ocean which is famous for its mass devastation and continual carnage. Eminem provides us with the next speedy lyrics delivery at the end of the final verse. It is simply one of his fastest performances of all time. The song references the elements of ‘Homicide‘ at the end as well.

Godzilla Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Godzilla’ by Eminem featuring Juice WRLD section-wise. The rapper has uploaded lyrics video for ‘Godzilla’ on his website. A few days later, Eminem has collaborated with Cole Bennett for the Lyrical Lemonade music video for Godzilla with the tribute to late Juice WRLD.

[Verse 1: Eminem]

Eminem refers to him being an alcoholic. When he is under the influence of alcohol, he goes out of control and becomes a literal Godzilla. It is more of Eminem’s internal pain trying to scream out of his chest. Considering what this man has been through in his life, it’s almost impossible to fathom the fact that he is still alive. The rapper furiously tries to provoke the notion of the gold diggers trying to get close to him. Then, he wishes them to suffer from Insomnia as we all know Eminem admires the talent and not the beauty.

[Chorus: Juice WRLD with Eminem]

The term “spitting fire” is a slang phrase to indicate impressive rapping skills. Here, in this song, Juice WRLD compares his rapping abilities to Godzilla’s potential to precisely inhale and exhale flame. Both of the rappers, Juice WRLD and Eminem, compare themselves to the dreadful essence Godzilla brings to the society. Also, an important point to be noted here is this is Juice WRLD’s first released vocal contribution after his untimely death. Another great point is, Eminem has previously released a song titled ‘Monster’ with Rihanna literally talking about how dangerous he is.

[Verse 2: Eminem]

Eminem might as well be the most controversial celebrity in the world who despite all the negative press surrounding him could manage to surge to the height of intense fame and fortune. The success of Eminem has had attracted so many competitors that in the end, he had them appalled by his talent which definitely made them feel like a complete loser. However, ignoring these facts, the rapper is currently in a “mental hospital” contemplating his actions, successes, and failures. Regardless of the controversial image and weird lyrical meaning with smart wordplay, Godzilla is an important track for both Eminem and Juice WRLD.

[Verse 3: Eminem]

Eminem is well known for his attitude of not caring for anything that’s not in his favor. This has led him to where he sits at the moment, on the throne of the ‘King of Rap’. Actually, no, he is a self-proclaimed Rap God. There you go! After all these years, fame and fortune have followed Eminem undoubtedly. At this point in his life, you’d think he is going to retire soon. Well, think again!

He is still by far one of the most impressive rappers out there today. We all love and admire him amidst all the controversies he brings along with his reputation and with his lyrics. In the last thirty seconds of the third verse from Godzilla, Eminem spat 228 words at the rate of 7.6 words per second. Quite literally, this is way faster than his delivery in world-famous verse in “Rap God,” where he rapped at the rate of 6.46 words per second.

Conclusion: Godzilla Meaning Eminem

The song brags about his position in the music industry and the fact that he is irreplaceable makes it even more interesting to talk about him. He literally has no competition to outperform him and yet he is still pursuing music. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Godzilla’ by Eminem with Juice WRLD? Let us know in the comments section below. I have embedded the official video for the song ‘Godzilla’ by Eminem directed by Cole Bennett below which pays tribute to late Juice WRLD.

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