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Frank Ocean ‘Cayendo’ Lyrics Meaning Reflects in English on a Toxic Unrequited Love


Frank Ocean – Cayendo Lyrics Meaning

Frank Ocean is really good. He is clearly too overrated. Okay, this is a joke. Please do not attack me. This song was first premiered at his PrEP+ night club occasion in New York City on the 17th of October 2019. The singer corroborated the title of the song at the same incident. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Cayendo‘ by Frank Ocean in English, only at Laviasco, which talks about the end of a toxic unrequited relationship.

Introduction: Cayendo Lyrics

“Cayendo” is the next sentimental song from Frank Ocean. The song characterizes the sentiment of tumbling across his emotions for his romantic interest who clearly does not return similar sentiments. This song is auricular, starring Frank’s ditties chaperoned simply by Spanish guitars, which conforms to the Spanish lyrics of the song.

Cayendo Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Cayendo’ by Frank Ocean in English section-wise, only at Laviasco, which marks the end of a toxic relationship.

[Chorus/ Outro]

In the chorus section of ‘Cayendo’, Frank Ocean is relating to someone who similarly craves for his romantic interest and who ratifies his feelings. He ascertains his strength to the apparent cheating he indicates his lover has perpetrated previously. The singer believes that although his connection with his lovers is a debauchee one, he goes on with to tumbling deeply in affection with them.

In the lyrics for ‘Cayendo’, there is a notion of acknowledgment of the position of Frank Ocean in their existing affair. He admits downfall in the fighting for his crush’s affection. Even though he is struggling to abide by the reality that he must share his partner with somebody else, yet he cannot refine it on an emotional level. It proceeds with to breaking him remotely pushing him into toxicity.

Subsequently, the sentimental chaos the singer has suffered from his lover mentioned in the lyrics of ‘Cayendo’ means that he has reached a culmination that his belief of devotion will prosper over the incidents that transpired between them. Thematically, the singer shares the notion of withstanding egotism and keeping love as an important role.


Frank Ocean is vocalizing ‘Cayendo’, as he often does, around unrequited love. In this issue, the affair in concern is portrayed by a largely sexual paradigm. Thus, the singer is continually “stood up” by his lover and rejected or forsaken, both word-for-word and sentimentally. Yet, he is incapable to withstand this when his romantic interest comes to “lay him down” casually.

Conclusion: Cayendo Meaning

Frank Ocean officially dropped ‘Cayendo’ as a single on vinyl on the 19th of October 2019. The track was ultimately dropped onto streaming platforms on the 3rd of April 2020. He has unwrapped himself up to a romantic interest of his who doesn’t feel similar to him. It is from this that he has set himself in a circumstance where he is too susceptible to be glorious. The distinct other people have an elevated reason for his interest, but not him.

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