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Are You Worth Frank’s Room? Frank Ocean – In My Room Lyrics Meaning


Frank Ocean – In My Room Lyrics Meaning

Frank Ocean is here with the second single for his upcoming studio album. However, we aren’t sure if Frank is looking forward to releasing a new full-length or not yet. Regardless, our homosexual icon is here giving us a new song in just one month. This new song was released unannounced just like his other music. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘In My Room’ by Frank Ocean.

We all know Mr. Ocean can swim into riches. His braggadocious stance on his wealth is not a new concept. The DHL singer has dreamt of owning a DHL cargo plane. His dreams are beyond what normal people think of. The new song is, however, only released in Apple music. He is definitely trying to collect money from Apple to pursue his dream of owning a DHL cargo plane. I’m proud of his business module.

Introduction: In My Room Lyrics

In the lyrics of ‘In My Room’, Frank Ocean shows his emotional side as well. The rapper opens up by saying he doesn’t trust people enough to let them know what he is feeling at the moment. In a more aggressive tone, what Frank is really trying to say is people aren’t worth his emotions. In the outro of the song, Ocean depicts a debauchee encounter with a lover. That’s how we have gotten the title of the song.

We really wish to know who his mystery lover is who doesn’t mind Frank showing off to him. Frank has been bragging about literally everything in 2019. I wonder what else he’s got in this song. According to The Rolling Stones, “In My Room” also follows the announcement of the upcoming arrivals of two 12″ vinyl singles “Dear April” and “Cayendo,” songs that debuted in remix form at Ocean’s first PrEP+ club night.

In My Room Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘In My Room’ by Frank Ocean section-wise.


Part I

Frank Ocean begins the song by responding to confusion. The person (probably his lover) thought Frank has got sleeper seats in his house. However, the rapper flexes on him by saying it’s a mattress. When people try to be stingy thinking Frank is going to pay for all of them, the rapper tells them to not be stingy. He wishes for people to share what they’ve got with him. Just because he is rich doesn’t mean he should be the one covering everyone’s expenses.

The stingy people will never get on the limelight because the camera doesn’t flash on them. The media doesn’t follow stingy people who cannot spend on flashy items. However, the person Frank is singing about is seemingly not ready for the cameras. The rapper himself is shy when it comes to his public image but this is what he must maintain so as to be successful in the music industry.

Part II

Frank Ocean is unapologetically sexually active. However, the rapper is trying his best to draw the parallels that never meet in his career and in his personal life. He compares being drawn into the music industry with love which then turns to a painful bite and then acting as if everything is fine. Frank was never accepted as an artist when he was starting his music career. However, now everyone wants him to feature a song with them. He is around snitches and snakes who are ready to do anything it takes for them to gain fame. But he isn’t scared, at all.

In the current phase of his career, money literally means nothing to Frank Ocean. He feels pretty without any medications or makeup. Frank would rather spend his spare cash in his other business ventures. Or the rapper could spend his earnings on the recreational substances of his choice. This means he’s been bragging about the abundance of wealth throughout the lyrics in the first verse of ‘In My Room’.


Frank Ocean wants his lover to be cool just like him. Ocean wants his love interest to be calm with the help of the recreational substance. The rapper doesn’t like a violent and arguing boyfriend. He is a peace-loving person. Just because the rapper cannot give his time to his lover due to his career doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in him. The jealousy makes Frank violent as well. Both of them should try their best to stay calm in Frank’s room and fill the room with love.


Since most of the relationships Frank Ocean has been in haven’t worked out so well, he prefers to have a casual relationship with people. The rapper likes to have quality time for himself in his room and have fun with people. Every relationship he’s been in has turned into violence sooner or later. That’s why he likes to stay in a casual relationship where he doesn’t need to show his vulnerable side to anyone.

Conclusion: In My Room Meaning

Frank Ocean believes fame comes up with a price. It gives you everything that you didn’t have before while it takes away everything you had before. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘In My Room’ by Frank Ocean? Let us know in the comments section below.

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