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Deep Analysis of Frank Ocean ‘Lost’ Lyrics Meaning


Frank Ocean – Lost Lyrics Meaning

Heed to what I’m about to say. To be a fan of Frank Ocean is to pursue the biggest insecurity cause he can lose at any moment. It’s because he is FRANK OCEAN! Despite the joke, the beloved singer seems to be making hits after hits. So, we can’t complain. Today, let’s learn more about the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean, only at Laviasco, and read the deep analysis with ease.

Introduction: Lost Lyrics

The main personality in the song ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean is a narcotic trader who employs his ladylove as a narcotics smuggler. His love interest brings about the expense in the emphasis of the spurt-forming livelihood of narcotics smuggling. This includes ensuing cash and luxurious blessings that reap with it. He acknowledges that someday she will abide by an ordinary existence out of the current illicit life. However, it better arrive following the final trade, which directs the next “final trade”.

Lost Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean section-wise, exclusively at Laviasco, with deep analysis.

[Verse 1]

Double D suggests women’s bra cup-shape of his sweetheart, in the lyrics for the first verse of ‘Lost’, a narcotic smuggler of Frank Ocean. The chest of his love is further described to be meticulous for concealing his narcotics. The traders can measure the narcotics into units. However, the singer cannot find value on his affection for this woman. His devotion to her is infinite. In another sense, his affection for this woman relates to a white lady, the next label for his preferred narcotics.

The devotion that Frank Ocean has, as suggested in the lyrics for ‘Lost’, for the narcotics is infinite as well. Nevertheless, this dual meaning of caring for “the mule” could as well suggest a different idea as there is the usage of the substantial dissertation “the”. This is an indication that the singer is actually in affection with his career and the narcotics he smuggles than with the woman he insists to cherish so as to capitalize on her like a smuggler.

[Chorus/ Outro]

The girl in the lyrics of ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean pays for life comprising of narcotics, sex, and perhaps affection. It all came to be excessively unbearable. It doesn’t concern her if she’s in Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Spain, L.A, India, or on a parade, she is not going to sense family or at stability. The commodity is relinquished in narcotic trading. There is a pun heeding nervousness during the arrest.

The girl has fallen in this livelihood. She has been in the business for far too long and it is too intense for her to quit everything now. This is not because Frank Ocean is seizing this lost girl as her captive but because she has adapted herself to the narcotic dealings that help her purchase the brand materials. This provides her the surge and exhilaration that an ordinary career won’t provide her.

[Verse 2]

From the first lyrics from the second verse of ‘Lost’ Frank Ocean is not simply saying that his clothes are cool but is smartly referring to an iconic movie, Rush Hour 2. This is an individual who is denied by a world that doesn’t deem him/her ordinary. However, if s/he perishes nobody will discern the affections furthermore. Going both means, they confront their looming death. A triple weight is a citation to a tripartite rod equilibrium, which in this issue is what the singer is taking off to measure his work (narcotics).

The lost woman of Frank Ocean is his narcotic smuggler. She is wandering all across the earth distributing his narcotics. He tells him to give him the treble equilibrium so he can measure the volume of narcotics that he has tied up with her. The double-D chest of this lady has the narcotic concealed and he doesn’t want to be arrested. However, he is instructing his narcotic smuggler, not to the concern of being arrested in narcotics deals.


Frank Ocean has eroded this lost girl and swiveled her into the existence of fraud and narcotics. Here, he asserted his shame at letting her get ensnared in this dilapidated netherworld. However, she is so lost that she doesn’t see any way out. There is a wordplay in which the singer is letting out how one more lie is not unfair. On a “bigger picture”, if she lies, then only she can dream of having a family with him.

Conclusion: Lost Meaning Frank Ocean

Everything is about a lifestyle involving narcotic addiction and being scared of letting go. The girl is so obsessive-compulsive about her lifestyle that there is no getting back to her. She is addicted to money and a pint of love that she gets upon correct narcotics deals. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Lost’ by Frank Ocean? Let us know in the comments section below.

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