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What Is In Frank’s DHL Package? Frank Ocean – DHL Lyrics Meaning


Frank Ocean – DHL Lyrics Meaning

Frank Ocean is back from his hiding spot. He was relatively silent since 2017. But this year, he doesn’t seem to be staying idle. On the 19th of October, 2019, Frank released a new song titled ‘DHL’. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of DHL by Frank Ocean. We should do this before everyone starts over-analyzing the lyrics of the song “DHL” at Genius. However, fans are convinced that this song won’t appear in the upcoming album of Frank Ocean.

What is DHL? DHL is a German-based multi-billion dollar shipping and courier company that operates internationally. This company is publicly traded on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is estimated that the gross sales of a company stand above $60 Billion annually. But you may ask, why is Frank singing about DHL? Did he run out of ideas? Well, probably not. He is more of a fanboy of DHL services I suppose.

Introduction: DHL Lyrics

Interestingly, Frank had posted a picture of a DHL cargo plane with the caption “If I ever buy a plane” in 2017. The picture is down below. According to Complex, “DHL” is the kind of song meant to be played at 3 A.M. when setting a vibe matters more than firing off complicated lyrics. So, we can assume the lyrics of the song “DHL” to be a little more complicated than a usual Frank Ocean song.

But why is Frank Ocean obsessing over DHL? I mean sure, DHL has a great color combination, i.e. Red and Yellow. But there should be much more than just a color combination for his obsession. It is time to find out the truth! Clearly, this particular picture inspired our God, Frank Ocean, to write lyrics about DHL.

DHL Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of DHL by Frank Ocean section-wise.


In the intro section of the song, DHL, Frank Ocean exhibits himself as a giver in a relationship. Even though he has not received favors for anything he does, he is still a giver to his lovers. However, he doesn’t always give up the love he gives to the people he has loved. Sometimes, it is more than just giving up on love, indicating his life doesn’t revolve around the topic of his sexuality only.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse, he seems to be talking about his life beyond music in general. The general relationship of Frank Ocean revolves around his mood. Sometimes, he would rather not even shake hands with anyone around him. In the setting of this verse, Frank is at Starbucks. He caught someone staring at him and they exchanged their numbers.

Now, Frank is back at his home. He is trying to unlock the door. However, his key is lost inside his bag full of jewelry. The rapper is upset that he is not able to find his key. He ends the verse by saying “baby be mine” referring to his new lover being his for the night.


While Frank Ocean is waiting for his newfound lover at his home, he receives a package from DHL. Suddenly, he starts to drift from a romantic mood to a business mood, since he is the man to work alongside his mood. What is in this package is a mysterious topic to follow. However, our best assumption would be some type of illegal drug since he says “pills” over and over in the Chorus section.

[Verse 2]

The second verse of the song has confusing lyrics. Although we have tried our best to decode the meaning of lyrics in this verse of DHL by none other than Frank Ocean, it mightn’t be the best. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Part I

His newfound lover thinks the items in the package he just received from DHL are new. However, that is totally not the case. Here, his newfound lover might be a boy since he has referred to himself as a bisexual person. Hoover is an American brand of vacuum cleaners. Frank Ocean takes the reference to Hoovers to explain the sexual innuendo with his “boy toy”, i.e. his newfound lover.

Frank makes it very clear that his feelings for his “boy toy” revolve around fun and pleasure only. There are no feelings involved in the relationship. The boy has a smiley face and Frank is enjoying that particular position. His “boy toy” is playing with his wavy hair and he compares his hair to ramen noodles. Besides all this, his main source of income comes from his studio time.

Part II

Now that he has a decent fan following, he gets paid for the number of hours he spends in the studio. Frank doesn’t need to stress out about making money anymore. Some day, he can stay inactive until inspiration hits him and his career will still remain afloat. His sense of fashion makes him look like he is from Paris. He doesn’t mind enjoying the wealth he has accumulated from his music career on clothes and food. What a fun guy to be around!

Frank feels scared to trust anyone. Therefore, he always carries an external hard drive with very important files so only he gets access to his music. The rapper believes in hard work rather than God and prophecies. Maybe, this is the reason why Frank Ocean is called a new wave in millennial pop culture. The lyrics of DHL by Frank Ocean have so many hidden meanings that are very hard to decode. Someone, please help us!


In the outro section of his lyrics, Frank Ocean says he sells his music record just like people sell drugs to make a living (probably using DHL). The rapper is so rich that he doesn’t need to worry about releasing new music for a living. Now, he has a boyfriend who he apparently met at Starbucks. They’re having fun and that’s how this song finishes off.

Conclusion: DHL Meaning

Since the lyrics of DHL by Frank Ocean were tough to understand, the meaning of the song might differ from person to person. Is Frank doing illicit drugs? Is DHL’s prominence under attack? Let’s see what has Frank brought for us in his new era. What do you reckon is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song DHL by Frank Ocean? What do you think is in Frank’s DHL package? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “DHL” by Frank Ocean on Genius in detail.


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