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Do You See Frank As a Demon? Frank Ocean – Little Demon Lyrics Meaning


Frank Ocean – Little Demon Lyrics Meaning

The appetite for Frank Ocean’s new full-length album lives in every fan of the rapper. The rapper is definitely looking forward to paving his path in the musical direction he is heading towards. He isn’t in the mood to stay quiet in 2019. The rapper then played an updated version of the whole track at his third PrEP+ party in New York City on October 31st, 2019. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Little Demon’ by Frank Ocean.

With the release of two songs in a month, Frank is creating a hype surrounding the release of his new album. The song ‘DHL‘ talks about how his relationships with his lovers revolve around pleasure only. He is not the type to focus on the long-term prospect in a relationship. The second song ‘In My Room’ is a braggadocious track where Frank shows off his possession present in his room to his one nightstand.

Introduction: Little Demon Lyrics

The song was first teased on Instagram Story in November of 2018. During his third recent PrEP+ party, Frank played ‘Little Demon’ a with the lyrics from Skepta and an updated instrumental from the initial version of the song. The Arca Remix of this song was premiered for the first time on Blonded Radio Episode 009. The song talks about Frank’s commitment stance in a relationship.

Frank has been heavily promoting his songs for a month. Since he is used to releasing the songs with a surprise, we will never know when his new songs are getting released. This suspenseful attitude of Frank has made him stand out from the rest of the hip-hop artists. The album is in the ‘hypebeast’ mode. All we can do is wait for his whole project to release. The final release is destined to be here but is not here yet.

Little Demon Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Little Demon’ by Frank Ocean section-wise.

[Intro: Frank Ocean]

Frank Ocean initiates the song with an intro that talks about having a vision for his future days that are yet to come. However, the vision is still secretive. His goals in life are often distracted by the attractive British boys. Ocean gets delusional over his life goals that are often overshadowed by his interest in men. But this doesn’t mean his plans for the future are obliterated completely.

[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]

Further, into the lyrics in the verse of ‘Little Demon’, Frank Ocean clarifies the intro. The rapper sings about his increased quality of life from his music career. He looks as fresh as Jimi Hendrix in his designer clothes. The fresh clothes he’s been wearing have been able to attract more British boys that Ocean fancies. But as soon as he attracts a boy, his secret ambitions seem to have no purpose. He is easily distracted by them.

The fantasies of Frank Ocean are so complicated that they are almost impossible to fulfill. His venomous lyrics are directed to his haters that don’t do anything good for his career. As his popularity has grown in recent years, there are many artists that are copying his style. Frank doesn’t respect the artists that don’t respect the creative process that goes behind the creation of his music and copy his work.

The vision that Frank has for his upcoming musical projects are sitting behind due to the fear of getting stolen or copied by his competitors. The rapper wants to destroy his competitors that don’t offer anything unique and creative to the music industry. Every new so-called musician is in the music business for easy money. He despises such fake temperament of people around him that deliberately copy him to outperform him.

[Break: Frank Ocean]

Despite the growing competition in the music industry, Frank Ocean just keeps coming back. He outperforms the other rappers every time with his new releases. Even though his infatuation distracts him from his ambitions in life, he comes back every time with the intention of winning. Even though going through the flow of infatuation isn’t really a big deal for him, he plays by the rules and he respects the denials.

[Verse 2: Skepta]

The British rapper Skepta leads the second verse of the song. The demons (presumably, his competition) exist in the form of paper inside of his mouth. If they cross their lines, Skepta takes those papers out from his mouth and he buries them. That’s how he gets rid of his competitors. It’s a little dramatic. This is why he isn’t welcome in any churches. Even Jesus cannot forgive him for his actions.

Conclusion: Little Demon Meaning

Is Frank a demon for playing by the rules? Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal as long as Frank is creative in the music creating process. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Little Demon’ by Frank Ocean? Do you like the direction Frank is heading towards musically? Let us know in the comments section below.

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