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Travis Scott Joins In a Song by Future ‘Solitaires’ Lyrics Meaning


Future – Solitaires Lyrics Meaning

I can’t believe my eyes. I can see the Future today, I’m confused. Jokes aside, Future drops a new album with RIAA Gold Certification with the success of the track “Life Is Good” with Drake. The new Future album, High Off Life, is here with many surprises and fun. Before the release of the album, Future went on a tweeting frenzy. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Solitaires” by Future, only at Laviasco, with Travis Scott as a featuring artist.

Introduction: Solitaires Lyrics

On “Solitaires” Future and Travis Scott exchange arrogant lyrics about their elegant way of life. They trade bars from the extravagant style trademarks they can pay for in cash to the ornaments and vehicles they possess. The pair furthermore push lines on the SARS-CoV-2 outburst. A teaser of the track presented itself to the fans just a few hours prior to the release of High Off Life by Future teasing the track in the recording office.

Solitaires Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Solitaires” by Future, exclusively at Laviasco, with Travis Scott on the feature.

[Intro/ Chorus: Travis Scott & Future]

Future and Travis Scott start off the song by talking about their solitary diamonds and expensive ornaments. The term “solitary” might as well mean that they paid for the things they own outright from cash. This could imply that their success came from their hard work alone (solitary). So, whenever a girl approaches them, they feel obligated to pay for the drink. Then, the fun begins.

[Verse 1: Future & Travis Scott]

Diamonds are repeatedly cited as ice and can be interpreted as “cold.“ A “cold” on a different perspective is simply a germ that mainly influences the nose and respiratory zone. It is inflicted by a faction of several bacterias, most normally the Rhinovirus, RSV/parainfluenza, and the Coronavirus. In March of 2020, the WHO announced the sweep of a unique kind of Coronavirus (COVID-19) an international epidemic. When the song “Solitaires” was dropped by Future the epidemic was nonetheless simmering, with several nations battling to monitor the outbreak.

[Refrain: Travis Scott]

In the lyrics for the refrain section of “Solitaires”, Travis Scott gives a sexual reference. Every time he puts it out, there are a ton of other girls lined up for the next penetration round. But he does what he thinks is radical for him. However, that type of decision-making has always helped him get on the news to bring in more revenue. Since he is wealthy, he feels powerful and he feels as though he can do anything in the world.

[Verse 2: Future & Travis Scott]

The lyrics in the second verse of “Solitaires” by Future & Travis Scott also has a ton of sexual and narcotics references. Both of these rappers make a ton of money that they spend on narcotics and fast cars. Since they are freaks, sexually, they tend to explore more sides of romance as getting a girl is very easy when you have a ton of cash, apparently. The sexual tension between the rappers and their romantic partners inside the car has been mentioned in the second verse of the song.

[Verse 3: Travis Scott]

In the lyrics for the third verse of the song “Solitaires,” Travis Scott gives a shoutout to quarantine. Even during the quarantine, the rappers were dedicated enough to try to rule their own little world in the music industry. His “wifey” is probably Kylie Jenner. Even though they aren’t romantically involved at the moment, they share a baby, Stormi. “Twinsies,” is the next way to represent “twins,” i.e. two people carrying identical similarity in the impression.

Conclusion: Solitaires Meaning

The song itself is romantic and induced with narcotics. However, it’s just simple to fathom as Travis Scott is a psychedelic hip-hop artist who brings hits after hits. There are many beat switches along with the reflection of how wealthy they really are. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Solitaires” by Future and Travis Scott? Let us know in the comments section below.

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