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How To Avoid A Detrimental Relationship? Halsey – Graveyard Lyrics Meaning


Halsey – Graveyard Lyrics Meaning

Halsey has had a very busy year. She is here with a new song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Graveyard” by Halsey.

There is no fixed count for the on and off in any relationship. However, the ones that cling on to it don’t even know how detrimental it can be.


Following the massive wave of “Without Me” breakout from Halsey, she has managed to represent a different standard in the music industry.

Nevertheless, we are here to observe the direction of her musical career at the moment.

Graveyard Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Graveyard” by Halsey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

A relationship can truly flourish if the exchange of values and love goes two ways.

Some people are prone to extreme dominance. In the heat of the moment, their actions and words can be very harmful.

Even though the intention of the person isn’t to hurt his/ her romantic interest, it just happens.

For instance, at 19:00:

Halsey: Hey, I’m watching a movie. Do you want to come over?

19:30 : *no response*

20:30 : *no response*

Now, our brain is naturally wired to think of the unthinkable possibilities.

We automatically presume that the person we’re trying to be with is not interested in us.

However, that shouldn’t be the case necessarily.

The other person can be sick or tired. He can be busy doing his insurance or taxes.

Our unhealthy obsession with someone creates this compulsive behavior which can be a huge turn off for some people.

The song is a portrayal of what goes behind the relationship based on high expectations.


The dilemma of hanging onto someone is something everyone has to go through, at least once in a lifetime.

A tragedy strikes any human soul when s/he finds himself/ herself digging a pool of thoughts to go unconscious in.

The “well-built” pool can turn into a graveyard within a few minutes without us even knowing about it.

It will be very hard to get out of the pool if you start swimming in your thoughts all the time.


Swimming in the pool of thoughts unconsciously can be uncontrollable.

It is better to drown instead if there is someone watching over you. You will be rescued and you can start a new life.

The mental health issues aren’t comparable with the actual diagnosis of incurable diseases.

It is very hard to identify one. On top of that, people are quick to judge someone who is mentally unstable.

A one-sided toxic relationship can create every possibility inside our heads.

It is always a better option to keep your mental health in the check and deal with people in a healthy way.

[Verse 2]

The second verse is dedicated to the mixed signals we receive from the people of our interest.

The major reason as to why people cling onto something is because of the hope.

Hoping something would happen can certainly be more devastating than hoping for nothing whatsoever.

One moment we receive the signal of no interest and the next moment is full of signals.

Even though that’s not really the case, our brain filters out what a good signal is and what a bad signal is.

We are the victims of our own judgments.


When your brain sends you negative receptions in an already failing relationship, you become devastated.

Your pride and ego vanish naturally as if they had never existed before.

The uncomfortable adrenaline rush when we finally accept what we’re looking for isn’t meant for us can shut the way your brain normally functions.

Don’t love someone if you can’t handle yourself to lose him/her.


A relationship can disturb the natural ambiance of our brain. Love yourself before you go out to love someone else.

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