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Harry Styles Hidden ‘Adore You’ Lyrics Meaning is Overly Romantic


Harry Styles – Adore You Lyrics Meaning

The song ‘Adore You’ is the third single from Harry Styles’ highly anticipated sophomore album, Fine Line. The release of the song was confirmed by Harry from various social media. The song was teased with a coded picture and a link to a new music video trailer, which is embedded below. The release of the song was further facilitated with secretive, strategically calculated promotion, publicizing the decoy locale “Eroda” where the music video of the song is shot. Let’s learn the hidden meaning behind the cryptic lyrics of the song ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles shot in “Eroda”.

The trailer of ‘Adore You’ music video

On the 25th of November 2019, Harry Style’s fans began to catch a sight of sponsored posts by a promotional movement on social media. These advertisements were precisely being focused on them. The ads were of an imaginary island named ‘Eroda’. If we pay closer attention to the structure of the words, “Eroda” spells “Adore” backward. The usage of posters as a promotional method is not unusual to Harry, as the terms “Eroda” were noticed all over in New York City as well. This gets even more interesting. The secretive picture uploaded by Styles emphasizes the fishes that correspond to the emblem of Eroda.

Introduction: Adore You Lyrics

We all know, with any major release from Harry Styles, his fans, as in WE, wish to know the meaning behind the lyrics, this time about ‘Adore You’. People have been theorizing about the song saying it is a new anthem for the LGBT community ever since the first single off of the album, Lights Up, was released. The cryptic lyrics of ‘Adore You’ discern Harry Styles boasting about his noticeable commitment when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Harry’s new song is a story of passion and commitment in a romantic relationship. Even though we know how an idealistic relationship ends, we never stop to fantasize about it. Deep down, everyone has a vision of what a perfect relationship would look like for them. Therefore, any overly cheesy songs become our favorite immediately as our psyche resonates to the obvious relatability factor provided by the vibe of the song.

Adore You Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the hidden meaning behind the cryptic lyrics of the song ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The first line of the song starts off with Harry telling people to live their lives in a bright way led by the Rainbow. It could be him supporting closeted as well as open LGBT+ members by telling them to rejoice in the colors of Rainbow. Now, you might be wondering with the confusion thrown in the song by the term “strawberry lipstick”. It could refer to the lipstick put on by female sex workers as we have talked about it while deciphering the meaning of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ lyrics as well. Or it could refer to the strong affection that he feels for his romantic interest as he gazes into his lover’s eyes.


Harry Styles proceeds to vocalize for the cryptic lyrics in the pre-chorus of ‘Adore You’ as the hidden meaning of the song begins to reveal itself. The singer sings about his stance on a relationship and how he feels about his current affection towards someone he desires to be with but isn’t with him just yet. He says his lover doesn’t need to confirm his/her affection for Harry either. In fact, his romantic interest doesn’t even need to say anything to him. Harry shows maturity in dealing with crash issues.

[Chorus/ Outro]

Even though Harry’s crush doesn’t feel the same way about him, he wants the freedom to relish the beauty of his romantic interest openly. He would do anything it takes for him to get close to this person he’s been longing to be with. Harry wouldn’t even try to get into a serious relationship with this crush of his as he clearly doesn’t want to scare his potential lover away. All he wishes to do is adore his love interest every time he encounters with his crush. The hidden meaning of cryptic ‘Adore You’ lyrics reaches its epitome when Harry Styles says:

I’d walk through fire for you

[Verse 2]

In the lyrics of the second verse for ‘Adore You’, the real meaning of the song is diverted towards the beach vibe during the summer season as a reminiscent of the scorching heat of the summer by releasing the song during the winter season. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The song is carved out extremely well lyrically. He talks about the suntan people get during the summer that makes people look golden and glossy. Harry Styles ends the verse by applying ice to the erotic lyrics meaning thrown into ‘Adore You’.


The bridge section is him literally confirming that the only thing he wishes to do for his crush is “adore” him/her and he wants to do nothing more than that. It can be confirmed as he repeats the following line at least eight times in the bridge section of the song alone!

It’s the only thing I’ll ever do

Conclusion: Adore You Hidden Meaning

Harry Styles is giving us very salacious songs for his new album which is only a few weeks away. The lyrics of the song are dedicated to all the fiercest lovers that go through every hardship of a relationship and somehow make it till the end! Shoutout to you if this is you! What do you think is the hidden meaning behind the extremely cryptic lyrics of the song ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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