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What Is Harry Styles ‘Boyfriends’ Lyrics Meaning?


Harry Styles – Boyfriends Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles is looking at his as well as his sister’s partner’s behavior as a lover. It’s about him acknowledging his behavior as a lover. After that, it’s about him looking at the behaviors of boyfriends of other people. Then, he jots down the lyrics for the song based on his experiences and his observations.

‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles means that he is looking in the mirror as he judges the character of other lovers. But he exhibits the same character as them when he is a lover.

Introduction: Boyfriends Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles are talking about the fact that people in love often don’t treat each other very nicely. When you think about being a boyfriend, you’d think that you have no flaws. But then when we see boyfriends of other people, we automatically jump to judgments and conclusions. The lack of self-awareness is highlighted in the song.

Love a fool who knows just how to get under your skin
You, you still open the door

Lyrics for ‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles

Boyfriends Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles line by line in detail.

‘Boyfriends’ by Harry Styles is the 12th track from his 2022 album ‘Harry’s House‘. The release date of the song is the 20th of May 2022.

[Intro/ Refrain/ Outro]

The intro, “Hoo Niaga ti ta kcab er’uoy, loof” translates to “Ohh Fool, you’re back at it again” when reversed. Then, in the first refrain of ‘Boyfriends’, Harry Styles repeats the same line as that of the intro. “to get under your skin” means getting too close to you too fast. Harry Styles tells us that we love someone good at getting close to us very fast.

Then, we open the door for them into our lives without thinking about it just because it feels right. “You lay with him as you stay in a daydream” means that we goof off with our lover while he plays us and we live in a daydream. The daydream where he reciprocates our love back to us.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse of ‘Boyfriends’, Harry Styles is letting us know how low our bar is when it comes to choosing our mate. When we like someone, we make it easy for them to come into our lives. But when we do not like someone, we are as hard as a rock. This is why the lovers who come into our lives take us for granted cause the chase is over for them. Once the chase is over, the thrill of a relationship is over as well.

[Verse 2]

“Weekend, when you get deep in” means that these lovers are seeing each other and are having a physical relationship once a week. Then, you begin to fall deeply in love. While the ‘boyfriends’ start to drink secretly and they become unpredictable. Harry Styles has talked about his drinking issues in his 2019 song titled ‘Falling’. The singer is talking about other people while failing to notice the same behaviour in him.


In the bridge section of the lyrics for ‘Boyfriends’, Harry Styles sings about the after-date moments. Now, you are not around him and you are halfway home. But does he care? No, he only calls you when he doesn’t want to feel alone. He only calls you when he wants you while you are here thinking about him all the time. Then, as soon as your phone rings, you go to him and you don’t even know why you go to him.

[Verse 3]

In the third verse, the singer is questioning if the connection is genuine. Or could it be possible that the boyfriends are just pretending to be loving them? If they are not pretending to be in love, why do they keep you confused and hanging? Why doesn’t he tell you what the relationship status is? But this is the fun of relationships, the chase and the thrill of chasing. This game and power-play never end.

Conclusion: Boyfriends Meaning

The meaning of ‘Boyfriends’ by Harry styles is it’s easy to point out the flaws of other lovers but we as lovers don’t see those flaws in us. Getting into a relationship should be a very thoughtful decision. However, for some reason, people go with whatever feels right at the moment. Then, later, we begin to see flaws in the person he had cherished for so long. After that, we break up and move on.

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