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Extreme Emotional Pain in Harry Styles ‘Fine Line’ Lyrics Meaning


Harry Styles – Fine Line Lyrics Meaning

In a talk with Zane Lowe, Harry Styles recollects the extreme level of the sentiments he had felt when he was jotting down the lyrics of ‘Fine Line’, which is the same title to that of the album name. The ‘Watermelon Sugar‘ singer slivers the emotional turmoil he had to face concurrently which has been existing throughout the album’s tracklist. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles.

Introduction: Fine Line Lyrics

The sing is characterizing the giving and taking the essence of love. It’s about the exchange of what you have with what you want to put the perspective in simpler words. The “Fine Line” that one should always dare not to cross and waddle as it commences, moves forward, and eventually ceases. The ‘Lights Up‘ hit-maker puts up with this mind-blowing culmination to bring out the differentiation between the blisses and miseries. All kinds of emotions are depicted in different songs while staying on the Fine Line.

Fine Line Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The human emotions are priceless! It doesn’t how much money you’ve banked up in your life. You can buy anything in this world other than human emotions. Nobody can put a price on love and affection. Anything that a human exchanges a part of him/her whether, especially love, with money is undoubtedly prosti****on.

In the process, we could as well end up developing unrequited feelings for people unknowingly. This might hurt and it could bring out the worst in you. But a drink might as well cool everything down with a hope that it’ll all be back to normal again. However, a question arises from his heart time and again, is the ‘Falling‘ in love?

[Chorus/ Outro]

The charismatic ‘Cherry’ expression that we’re used to seeing in Harry Styles isn’t that cheerful in this section. He promises to know his boundary and stay in between the fine lines of love and hate relationship that he has had with his significant other, probably Camille Rowe. The singer asserts that even if their relationship turns into a friendship, he will be alright. Come to me Harry, I ‘Adore You‘ so much.

[Verse 2]

When it feels as though everything that you once had dreamt is fading away, we eventually feel as if life is testing the level of our forbearance. Folded hands are psychologically seen as a person around us being uncomfortable around us. She is making him uneasy by making him feel as though he has done something awfully wrong. Harry Styles wishes to turn her mood around and get straight into the act of making love. This contemplation is a little too far-fetched but it is what it is.

Conclusion: Fine Line Harry Styles

At this point, I’m convinced that the whole album is written for Camille Rowe. The song is so soothing, laid-back, and easy to vibe with. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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