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Jonas Brothers – Cool Lyrics Review (NOT GOOD)


Jonas Brothers – Cool Lyrics Review (NOT GOOD)

After six years long hiatus, Jonas Brothers are finally seen together topping all the charts by every single that they put out. Cool is the second track released by them in 2019. Despite the major commercial success of Jonas Brothers in 2019, the lyrics of this song doesn’t hold together for a good review. Read the article below to know the reason why the lyrics of Cool is not really cool.

Comeback Success

Part 1

As we all know, when the first single, Sucker, by Jonas Brothers released at the end of February of 2019, the internet went super deranged from their mental state. The track was fine, the light rock instrumentation used in Sucker was cool as well. The central focus was on the vocals of both Jonas Brothers, Joe, and Nick, which was pretty good and this made us believe Jonas Brothers were going to have the best comeback in 2019.

Part 2

Well, the major commercial successes behind these tracks might claim the best comeback of 2019, but if we are looking at the art here, the song is distasteful and without any core meanings whatsoever. If we look at the singles put out by both of these artists from their solo career, the singles had catchy hooks with somewhat meaningful lyrics. But in 2019, I can’t even. Let’s just go for the lyrics review of Cool now, shall we?


I’m feeling so cool
From top to bottom, just cool

Right off the bats, Nick Jonas gives a cringe on our face. How can you be cool from top to bottom? This doesn’t make sense to me. How can anyone feel very cool from top to bottom? What does this even mean? He then jumps into mindless verse and starts comparing him with James Dean and young Jane Fonda. Sure these comparisons might put you in their PR list Nick, but this won’t work for us. We need more, at least something like Close, yeah, remember this track, Nick?

Understanding Chorus

The chorus repeats the same tasteless Intro. Now, it is time for Joe’s verse, yay, what do we have here? Enough of cheesiness because I feel bad for saying this but Joe’s verse is worse than Nick’s. Let’s read the first two lines of his verse, shall we?

Analysing Verse 2

Part 1

Must’ve done something right ’cause all these
Lights are green, man, they look like palm trees

Wow, this is so poetic. The genius use of a metaphor here is just so perfect that it doesn’t make sense, at all. Now, let’s look at other lines of Joe’s verse.

Part 2

Oh, I feel like Post Malone when I get home
Sittin’ there, winning like it’s Game of Thrones
And now that we’ve made it, how complicated was last year?

If anyone is able to explain the coherency behind these lyrics of Cool from Joe’s verse, I’ll give you a million dollars. Seriously, what is this? Joe, how can you compare yourself with Post Malone and then compare the situation with Game of Thrones and then talk about whatever complications you guys had to face last year? This doesn’t make sense, at all. Someone prove me wrong if you can but this Jonas Brothers record, Cool, sucks.

Cool Analysis

The track Cool legit took me into a very uncool state. The track is completely produced and is upbeat. But the lack of tasteful meaning doesn’t even excite me as my morning alarms. We all hate morning alarms, don’t we?

Personal Take on Cool

I give Cool by Jonas Brothers a light 03/10 on the Lyrics Review category. Try coming up with a few lines that make sense in your next track, Jonas Brothers.

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