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What Is the Intention of Joyner Lucas ‘Revenge (ADHD)’ Lyrics Meaning?


Joyner Lucas – Revenge (ADHD) Lyrics Meaning

‘Revenge’ by Joyner Lucas is trying to emphasize the meaning of the word itself, i.e. to inflict pain onto someone who has taken us through pain previously. The song ‘Revenge’ is the seventh single from Joyner Lucas’ highly expected sophomore record, ADHD. This track was first premiered on the 3rd of February 2020, on a show of Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show New Music Daily. ‘Revenge’ was first taunted in the music video with an intro clipped in with the music video of an associate ADHD single ‘ADHD’. The video is embedded below and it accentuates the introduction and the first verse from the song ‘Revenge’. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Revenge’ by Joyner Lucas.

Introduction: Revenge (ADHD) Lyrics Joyner Lucas

Unlike the other many Joyner’s songs, this song plays up an eerie, modest piano progression as the only instrument. This chord progression is adjusted with Joyner’s cold flow which advances from relaxed to hostile throughout the song. This notion could be asserting the ‘revenge’ that he is pursuing in the lyrics of ‘Revenge’. Joyner Lucas faces his day-to-day efforts with ADHD and the tension to overhaul everything with prescription in his new teaser video for ‘Revenge’ embedded above.

Revenge (ADHD) Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Revenge (ADHD)’ by Joyner Lucas section-wise.

[Intro/ Verse 1]

Here, the introductory part merges in with the first verse of the song. These sections highlight all the efforts and hardships Joyner Lucas is willing to go through so as to get what he wants. Getting what he wants and being successful in his vision is the best form of revenge he can think of to inflict upon his competition and rivals. Because of his huge ambitions, he finds himself in a cold position where he is harder to be loved and to be understood. Currently, he is conscious of the backbiters that could snitch on him (the devil’s work) while he is on his everyday mission of taking a pie with sweet ‘Revenge’ juice.

[Chorus/ Pre-Chorus 1/ 2]

The rapper is active throughout the night crafting a good revenge plan. He is always planning to sneak attack on their rivals when they are peacefully sleeping in their homes. If anyone that has been involved in his dreams decides to turn their backs on Joyner Lucas, he will not hesitate to change his stance from allies to enemies. Revenge is the best way to feel satisfied with the pain you’ve undergone previously. However, the rapper mostly hopes to take revenge against his enemies by being successful at what he’s planning for. Lucas is willing to give up on his goodnight sleep so as to take revenge on the enemies he’s collected on his way.

[Verse 2]

Even though Joyner Lucas is in the revenge mode, he understands what his responsibilities and duties are. He is trying to write his way to revenge. However, at this point, his life seems to be falling apart. From the appalling hope of being successful, he shows aggression as his heart seems to be broken. He is constantly fighting with himself just to find out that his anxiety is not letting him be successful in his ambition of taking revenge. The rapper enlists his struggles that he had to endure before he could make any money off of his music in this verse.

[Verse 3]

Here, Joyner Lucas makes the proper use of a saying, “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” In this section, the rapper shows his optimistic side and the things that he has learned from his hardships in reverse order. For instance, we usually say “in order to win, we need to lose”. But here, Joyner asserts “in order to lose, I needed to win”. You can find a ton of reverse psychological lyrics in this verse of ‘Revenge’ which reveals the change of mindset that Joyner had to go through.

Conclusion: Revenge Meaning Joyner Lucas

The song is mostly passive-aggressive, which shouldn’t be a new thing if you have been following Joyner Lucas for quite a while. As the rapper is no stranger to diving into controversial issues, he shines in his lyrics by addressing the controversial mental health issues that come along with substance abuse. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Revenge’ by Joyner Lucas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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