You are currently viewing Terrorizing Joyner Lucas & Logic Feud Ends with Isis – Lyrics Review

Terrorizing Joyner Lucas & Logic Feud Ends with Isis – Lyrics Review


Joyner Lucas ft. Logic – Isis Lyrics Review

“Isis” is the third single from Joyner Lucas’ 2019 album ADHD. The song is titled after one of the most dangerous terrorist factions called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”, aka ISIS. According to Genius Lyrics, the collaboration between Joyner Lucas and Logic marks the end of the feud between these rappers that ignited in 2017. On the track, Logic and Joyner Lucas discuss everything from ADHD to haters, women, and success. Let’s review the lyrics of the song ‘Isis’ by Joyner Lucas and Logic.


The single ‘Isis’ is from one of the most talented fast flowing and polarizing rappers of this generation who has been able to build up a strong fanbase mostly by using controversial lyrics in a song. Joyner Lucas is adding to his catalog of controversial songs from this new single titled ‘Isis’ by collaborating with Logic. With Logic in the track and with a title like ‘Isis’, this song might strike right at the heart of terrorism or it might just be either conceptual or vapid.

Now, let’s review the lyrics of the song ‘Isis’ by Joyner Lucas and Logic.

[Verse 1: Joyner Lucas]

Part I

The first part of the Joyner Lucas verse sounds very uninteresting and boring. The lines are just fillers that serve no intent on actually hitting hard on one of the most important topics of today’s world, i.e. terrorism. These lines look something Eminem would write in terms of edginess. However, unlike Eminem’s writing, these lines look very bland and pale with no touch of double entendres or internal rhymes.

Part II

I done held a couple grudges
Went to hell and got abducted
Meet the devil I’m his cousin, I ain’t settlin’ for nothin’ (Brap, brap, brap)
Got a metal in the truck, I keep a semi when I’m bussin’

Joyner Lucas goes hard on himself on the second part of the song. The rapper gives a reference to the second single of his upcoming album, Devil’s Work, in this part. He confident and he isn’t scared of Devil anymore since the release of his last track. One can settle Joyner’s rage only by fulfilling the demands he made in his previous single, ‘Devil’s Work‘.

Part III

The message Joyner is trying to convey to his audience can be overlooked as he is as notorious as the members of ISIS. However, while the title of the track is blatantly misleading, the lyricism is not good enough either for the expression of tough attitude. The coherence of the story shifts between the battlefield and personal life story of Joyner, which is very annoying.

[Verse 2: Logic]

Let’s review the lyrics in the second verse of ‘Isis’ by Joyner Lucas and logic.

Part I

Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!)
Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses
Everybody livin’ on the surface
But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it

Logic gives a little shoutout to his single featuring Eminem, i.e. Homicide, in the first part of the second verse. The rappers came forward with the end of their beef by collaborating together on a song. Logic gives a little background to where both of these rappers have come from. He is talking about their street credibilities and their talents to rap.

Part II

Bobby boy, Logic, addresses his beef with Joyner Lucas in the second part of the second verse as well. He says their beef was unproductive and bland. Now, they have left their sour distaste for each other behind and after a while they have come forward to the public happily with a new song.

Part III

According to Genius Lyrics, following the hit single by Joyner Lucas, i.e. ‘Lucky You’ featuring Eminem, Logic got a fair share of Eminem’s collaborative effort in his track ‘Homicide’ as well. Eminem’s right hand man Royce 5’9″ helped Joyner Lucas and Logic come together with a collaboration. Logic is singing his excitement to be working with one of the talented rappers today, i.e. Joyner Lucas.


Opinion I

The track is decent. Joyner’s wordplay was alright and Logic’s verse was mediocre. The song is emphasizing fast flows and aggressive deliveries, which sounds one-dimensional at this point. Such styles have been piling up on the catalogs of today’s hip-hop. Meanwhile, the concept is not uniquely redundant or stuck in a rot. The song gets a fair pass against a number of trap songs out there with no formulated layout and uninteresting stories. However, this song, in particular, sounds just formulaic. There is nothing more interesting about the song outside of listening to Logic and Joyner Lucas together.

Opinion II

The song doesn’t contain supremely special and memorable lines from neither Joyner Lucas nor Logic. The beat felt a little annoying and underproduced as well. The persistent harpsichords were speeding by to frame the song as somewhat dark, edgy and informational along with vocal snippet interjections where it almost feels like the song is throwing factoids about ADHD at you. The heavy and rumbling anthemic base made the song sound as if it’s either an EDM song or a movie trailer. The song sounds really obnoxious and over-the-top.


Opinion I

The song ‘Isis’ sounds stoic and self-serious with no touch of charisma whatsoever. It’s just a generic rap song which tries to sound mean and shows rugged attitude but in reality, it doesn’t sound mean at all. Sadly, I find this song uninspired, uninteresting and run-of-the-mill even though Joyner Lucas and Logic are out of their places to show quite a bit of their talents when it comes to rapping. However, to have a talent for rapping is not the same thing as to have a talent for writing a song.

Opinion II

Some of the lyrics in the song are just so filler and forgettable, which I have mentioned above. Those edgy and psychotic bars sound as if they are coming from Eminem without nearly as many double entendres or internal rhymes. The song ‘Isis’ isn’t something we haven’t heard before in terms of “message”, or “a theme”, or “a character portrait”. Logic, however, goes pretty hard on the flow and vocal delivery but he needs much more than just the fast flow to make a good song.

Personal Take

I give ‘Isis’ by Joyner Lucas & Logic a fair 05/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Judging by the singles that have been released so far, I’m not sure if the album by Joyner Lucas will come off as a great one. Good luck with that.

Click here to play ‘Isis’ by Joyner Lucas & Logic on YouTube:


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