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JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, HERMANOS: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“HERMANOS,” written by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, is a song released on the 11th of July, 2023. Taking inspiration from the immersive world of video games, renowned artists JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown have released a captivating EP titled, DLC Pack, expanding their collaborative album, Scaring the H… The meaning of “Hermanos” lyrics by JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown is providing a glimpse into their personal experiences & societal observations. Produced entirely by JPEGMAFIA, this EP showcases their unique musical styles and thought-provoking lyrics. Among the tracks, “Hermanos” stands out for its captivating vocal sample that beautifully contrasts with the duo’s sharp flows.

You can listen to JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown’s “HERMANOS” below.

Official Audio of “HERMANOS” by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, HERMANOS: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning

In the opening lines of “Hermanos,” Danny Brown expresses his affinity for JPEGs, associating them with resolution, color, and size. As the verse progresses, he delves into a range of topics, from personal struggles and addictions to societal issues. Through his sharp wordplay, Brown showcases his introspective style and vivid storytelling.

Danny Brown’s lyrics in “Hermanos” depict a complex narrative intertwined with personal experiences and social commentary. He reflects on the challenges faced by narcissists and arsonists, metaphorically describing his own battles. Lines such as “Livin’ like the early ’80s and I got a s… habit” alludes to a self-destructive lifestyle, emphasizing the consequences of his actions.

Brown references pop culture figures, such as Michael Jackson and Prince. By quoting the phrase “Let the truth prevail,” made famous by the King of Pop, Brown hints at the importance of honesty and authenticity in the music industry. Additionally, his decision to avoid using Percocets since Prince’s untimely death implies a personal reflection on drug abuse.

The artists explore underlying issues of society in the verse. This includes police brutality and the impact of selling addictive substances for an income on communities. Brown pays tribute to Eric Garner. We know Garner’s last words, “I can’t breathe,” became a marching roar for the Black Lives Matter movement. By referencing his own experiences on street corners serving fiends, he sheds light on the harsh realities of urban life.

JPEGMAFIA’s verse in “Hermanos” complements Danny Brown’s narrative by introducing his unique style and perspective. He describes himself as the “black Konami cheat code” and makes references to pop culture icons like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. These allusions add depth to the song, blending elements of music, cinema, and gaming.

“Hermanos” serves as a testament to the artistic chemistry between JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown. This song showcases their distinctive flows, combined with JPEGMAFIA’s production skills, resulting in a sonic experience that resonates with their fans. The contrasting vocal sample in the song adds a touch of beauty, offering a delicate balance to the duo’s sharp and evocative lyrics.

JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s “Hermanos” is a song that goes beyond surface-level interpretation, providing a glimpse into their personal experiences and societal observations. The lyrics reveal struggles, victories, and social injustices. As the duo’s collaborative album, SCARING THE H…, expands with the DLC Pack EP, “Hermanos” remains a standout track, epitomizing the artistic synergy between JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown. Their collective vision and musical talents create a powerful piece of art that demands attention and invites further exploration.

What Are the Lyrics of “HERMANOS” by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown’s “HERMANOS” via Genius:

[Intro: Danny Brown]
I named this one JPEG, because I like JPEG’s, uh
For the resolution, the color, the size of them, everything about JPEGs I like

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
Narcissists, arsonists in my arsenal
Got carpal tunnel ’cause I was holdin’ that awkward
Got the queer block, hot works, I work my mat
Livin’ like the early ’80s and I got a s… habit
Habitual bridge burners sicker than Bob’s Burgers
Nice with the s… since ridin’ a bike on sherm
Was broken and washed, didn’t have change for Arnold Palmers
AC broke, yayo truck was armored
Now everything I drive, it ain’t got no gas
Late night n…, inner city since Arctic Blast
Bitch, body out of this world, she got a Martian a…
You always with them n…s, be the sausage fest
We all gonna land back to steal on a D.O.T.’s
I see why you a bad rapper
Get the f… up out my face befo’ I smack the a… backwards
When you’re average at life, they can’t get much better, rapper
“Let the truth prevail,” like the king of pop said
Ain’t f… with no Percs since they found Prince dead
N…, no cap
The bitch got bald heads and you think it’s all wraps
‘Til them n…s all dead, old head
I’m out for that hog head cheese (Style)
I’m a legend from Michigan like Mateen Cleaves
Rest in peace Eric Garner, ’cause I can’t breathe
Smokin’ loosey’s on the same corner, used to serve fiends

[Interlude: JPEGMAFIA]
Servin’ up a mojito
Okay, look

[Verse 2: JPEGMAFIA]
The black Konami cheat code
More Mitch than the Rico
The tongue smith condition, like serving up a mojito
Overworked so all of my talent backs up my ego
Up the score, off the rebound, and-one with the free throw
Oh, she want the nerve with her? Go figure
Posed too hard for the image, she cropped yo’ a… out the picture
Gave me the leg up and that ain’t even a kicker
Dropped SCARING THE H…, end’ up terrifying the n…— wait
I got this down to a T, sharp as a crewcut, uh
Tables turn like Serato with death queued up
Y’all made a race, so I did the mechanic suit up
And I drive sum’ crazy whenever the autotune’s up
Put Tony on the mic like Pacino
Good fella with the lines, bangin’ like De Niro, wait
Let’s get this clear yo, the flows is a-blazin’
Don’t slip, don’t slack, now Rothstein in Casino

[Interlude: JPEGMAFIA]
Ayy, let me get that one back

Men lie, women lie, but the numbers don’t
With no machines, so my numbers go where your numbers won’t
I’m going to give you a continent
Even if we leave the world incomplete
I’m going to give you a thousand mountains
So that your eyelashes can be amazed
I’m going to give you all the skies
To be able to reach, reach your desires
I’m going to give you a thousand mountains
So that your eyelashes can be amazed

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown “HERMANOS” Lyrics In English Translation

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