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Danny Brown, Tantor: The Lyrics Meaning


“Tantor,” written by Danny Brown, The Alchemist, Baird, Gabriel Acheson & Ryan Raines, is a song released on the 17th of October, 2023. It is the lead single and the second song from Danny Brown’s 2023 album, Quaranta. The meaning of “Tantor” lyrics by Danny Brown is an expression of the gritty realities of street life and personal struggles in society. This song talks about teaching and learning from each other’s actions as well as mistakes in society. The singer highlights the importance of community in navigating life’s complexities.

You can listen to Danny Brown’s “Tantor” below.

Official Music Video of “Tantor” by Danny Brown

Danny Brown, Tantor: The Lyrics Meaning

The chorus of “Tantor” lyrics by Danny Brown begins with the lines “Reach one, teach one” and “Can sell you to the water, how ya eat son?” These lines talk about teaching ways to become successful to reach the heights of success. There is an idea of mentorship and survival along these lines. Here, “sell the water” and “how ya eat son” mean that life is harsh, and we must navigate these challenges by ourselves. These lines teach us to be resourceful and to make use of what’s available for us.”So strap up my n…, it’s time to ride” means even as we face adversity, we must be prepared for our journey ahead.

In the first verse of the song, Danny Brown sings about the tough realities of street life. He sings, “Go in like scuffed Timbs, n…, this above the ring.” This means we should have a sense of toughness and we should always be ready for a battle. It’s almost similar to lacing up worn-out boots. As he mentions “Mr. Playground,” he means the streets are competitive and very risky. The line “N… better stay down // greyhound my playground” means that people who don’t adhere to the rules of the streets will face life-or-death situations. Here, “Chinese Mike” and “all black Cudi” refer to respective individuals who are involved in illicit activities. Then he sings, “If you ain’t got that green, then he might see red,” which means the people in the streets are very volatile and their actions depend upon how they feel at that exact moment.

The second verse of “Tantor” lyrics by Danny Brown talks about his personal struggles in his street life and the societal issues he faces. He sings, “This that Black Lives Matter, still sniff c…” This means people use the very emotional phrase “Black Lives Matter” even while getting caught with substance abuse. There are lots of contradictions and hypocrisy in our society on who gets the public voice and who does not. The line, “Paid for a therapist but I still ain’t change,” means the singer is fighting his personal battles silently. But he has been facing the difficulty of overcoming deep-seated issues within him, even with professional help through therapy.

Context: Tantor Meaning Danny Brown

Danny Brown posted a snippet of the song “Tantor” on Twitter on the 10th of February, 2021. His caption was “Produced by a chemist named Al #XXXX,” meaning the song “Tantor” is produced by The Alchemist. One of the Danny Brown fans who went by the username @dannybrownstan1 on Twitter uploaded a remake of the instrumental of this song on YouTube which I have embedded below.

Here, he gave the unofficial name of the snippet, Chinese Mike because of one of the lines in the song. Danny Brown responded with a tweet confirming that would now be the name of the song.

This is actually amazing the songs not even called Chinese Mike but just cause of this I’m naming it that now

Danny Brown via Twitter

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