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What Is Kanye West “Wash Us In The Blood” Lyrics Meaning With Travis Scott About?


Kanye West – Wash Us In The Blood Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics for “Wash Us In The Blood” by Kanye West is about conveying the meaning behind the well-thought-out perspective of what is transpiring in the world. Inside the song, Kanye West teams up with Travis Scott to make the autotune effects sound godlike as the lyrics of the song appear to be talking to God. Hello everyone, this is Patrick for Laviasco. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well. The new song was mixed by Dr. Dre and comes with a video directed by Arthur Jafa, which is embedded at the end of this article.

“Wash Us In The Blood” by Kanye West is giving us the ‘Yeezus’ vibes from its lyrics with the darker meaning, grungier presentation, more industrial instrumentals, and the use of sampling of the sounds.

Introduction: Wash Us In The Blood Lyrics

The lyrics from the song “Wash Us in the Blood” is a plea from Kanye to the Lord for redemption and the purification of vices in his tribe, focusing on the Black men. These topics have been knocked with disproportionately elevated crime ratios when correlated with the remaining part of the USA. This song is the leading single to Kanye West’s tenth studio album, God’s Country. The lyrical aspect of the song can be explained as a person trying to navigate through the world just like everyone else with less pain and suffering.

Wash us in the blood (And as we live in this evil and crooked and jezebelic world)

Notable Lyrics To “Wash Us In The Blood” by Kanye West

Wash Us In The Blood Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Wash Us In The Blood” by Kanye West with Travis Scott section-wise. The song has a dangerous undertone to it, to make it look like he is arguing with God to make his demands met for the sake of the people in his community. As the song progresses, the rapper talks about how his name as a brand has been commodified for the sake of business. He is outrageous about the fact that he cannot speak his mind even when he wants to because of his name tied to multiple businesses as a trustworthy brand.

Following the participation of Kanye West in the recent Black Lives Matter movement ignited by the death of George Floyd, the rapper keeps his message direct and simple. The song is against the divided nation which does not prioritize creating fair and equal opportunities to every citizen. Therefore, as there is no fair and equal opportunity, in the lyrics for “Wash Us In The Blood”, the rapper asserts the sales of narcotics to make ends meet are justifiable and unpunishable by God despite being punishable by the law. This is why he is trying to get the Lord to hear his prayers for the sake of the people in his community.

[Intro/ Bridge: Kanye West & Travis Scott]

The lyrics for “Wash Us In The Blood” begins with the spiritual acknowledgment where Kanye West proves his point that he is now only making Christian music. In the first Bridge section of the song, the rappers inquire if God is actually present to hear their pleas with a common interest. They ask if there is anyone or anything at all for them to look up to. Then, in the second section, Kanye and Travis are begging the Lord to appear on Earth so as to comfort us. Midway through 2020, the whole world has already undergone a lifetime of sufferings varying from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the death of George Floyd, and an uncertain economy.

[Verse 1/ Pre-Chorus/ Chorus: Kanye West]

In the first verse of “Wash Us In The Blood”, Kanye West pleas for the world and his city to earn a purification of human vices from the Lord himself. As the biblical words go, the blood of the Lamb of Christ, or Jesus, can alleviate anyone pursuing piety for their vices. The picture of blood portrayed as real rain from the atmosphere is also interpreted in the book. Kanye frequently pleads for Christ’s blood to be poured down upon the people with numerous varied problems in the world.

For instance, his prayer for a narcotic trader, or someone who has to live a dangerous life because of unequal opportunities, both lifestyles that can pertain to huge fractions of vice. After proclaiming “Slavery is a choice” with TMZ in 2018, Kanye West seems to have reflected in his statement. It seems as though he has understood the depth of his statement which has potentially hurt the feelings of the people from his own community. In the lyrics for “Wash Us In The Blood”, Kanye West hints at violence initiated by the authority during the peaceful protests in the USA after the death of George Floyd.

[Verse 2: Kanye West & Travis Scott]

As the second verse for “Wash Us In The Blood” approaches, the lyrics of the song take a slight turn. While the verse if implying the sentiments of the song, the song touches on the state-sanctioned killing of citizens, understood in a fancier way such as capital punishment or the death penalty. In this section, Travis tries to correlate the US State laws with one of the Ten Commandments in the Torah, disputing the integrity of such a method of punishment. On top of that, public support continues to decline for such a practice. In 2019, 60% of Americans inclined toward lifelong incarceration over the death penalty as the more desirable strategy to penalizing murder.

[Verse 3: Kanye West]

To walk in the shoes of the rapper is definitely not an easy task. In the third verse of “Wash Us In The Rain”, Kanye West talks about the power that he holds as an international celebrity. This has come off as no surprise that people will try to manipulate the words of Kanye West to gain traction control for the business of the media. The rapper slams publishers that do not put his authentic words out to the public. This might easily explain why he was supporting Donald Trump as president. In this verse, the rapper stands up for himself to say he won’t be controlled by anyone to speak his mind.

Conclusion: Wash Us In The Blood Meaning

The song “Wash Us In The Blood” fits in perfectly with the message of racial discrimination with no equal opportunity for the people of color in the USA. Kanye West incorporates graphic imagery to make his point.

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