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Lauv & LANY’s “Mean It” Lyrics Meaning


Lauv & LANY – Mean It Lyrics Meaning

Lauv & LANY are finally together in a song. The song ‘Mean It’ marks up as the first collaboration between these two phenomenal artists that are rising stars. The song talks about an unrequited lover who takes the artists as the second option. The delusional signals of constantly changing yes and no are making them sick of everything. In the song, the artists ask their respective lovers to only show affection only if they really mean it. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Mean It’ by Lauv & LANY.

LANY had teased the song by calling it “the only collaboration that matters” on Twitter. The highly-anticipated collaboration between the artists is here and fans couldn’t be more excited. According to MTV, in the song “Mean It,” Lauv and LANY frontman Paul Klein trade verses about being strung along by an indecisive partner. Paul added on Instagram, “My mom raised me right and taught me at an early age that in the Klein house we say what we mean and mean what we say, so Ari and I wrote a song about it”.

Introduction: Mean It Lyrics

In the lyrics of the song ‘Mean It’, the artists show their frustration over someone they’ve been close with for a long time. The mixed signals they’ve been getting are impeccable to them. However, sometimes it just gets quite annoying and they feel fed up with the idea of building a relationship with the indecisive people they have been yearning for. The toxic attachment is something that they wish to get away from. However, the situation is so complicated that you can’t just leave and move on with your life.

According to Variance Magazine, at last, two of our favorites Lauv and LANY have collaborated in what has seemed like a natural fit for the longest time. We couldn’t agree more with this statement. According to Billboard, Lauv​’s been rolling out the hits leading up to his upcoming debut album, ~how I’m feeling~. The laid-back yet catchy harmony reflects a one-sided discussion in the song ‘Mean It’.

Mean It Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Mean It’ by Lauv & LANY section-wise.

[Verse 1: Lauv]

In the first verse of the song, Lauv expresses how he feels when his romantic interest only involves small talks with no depth. He wishes to talk to his crush and he wishes to know what the other person is thinking. However, the other person seems to be showing no interest in him whatsoever. If this had been the first moment, then he could have easily moved on. However, some days his crush gives him romantic signals and the other days his crush shows no interest in him. This temptation of “maybe” is driving him crazy. He just wishes to know if his crush has changed for him.

[Pre-Chorus: Lauv]

Lauv is all into this person. He’s been trying to contact his crush but he’s been getting no response. The singer just wishes to know what went wrong with their relationship. But it’s not as simple as it looks. Lauv is falling faster and faster for his crush but his crush is showing doubts about his true intentions. The trust issue is holding their relationship back which could instead be a great love story.

[Chorus: Lauv]

Despite all the problems, his crush still tries to pass the time by trying to make out with him. However, this time, Lauv is standing up for himself. He says he will only kiss back if his significant other really means it. The continuity of their on and off relationship isn’t healthy on his part. Actually, to be honest, this relationship isn’t healthy for both of them. Lauv wants their relationship to evolve and grow. However, the trust issues are just killing their relationship. It’s getting more and more complicated.

[Verse 2: Paul Klein]

Paul Klein shows up in the second verse of the song. Klein simply adds up to what has already been told by Lauv in his verse. He says he knows he is being controlled and manipulated like a puppet. But he just can’t leave it because he likes it. He is so addicted to his romantic interest that anything done by that person is like a blessing to him. However, he only gets affection when his significant other can’t get close to someone they like. Paul knows he’s being a second option but he doesn’t care.

[Bridge: Paul Klein & Lauv]

Both of the singers sing together in the Bridge of the song. They just wish to forget all the complications and lay with their respective romantic interests. The only thing they’ve been craving is the interests of their crushes in them. They’d rather spend their time with their romantic interests if their time makes them mean every romantic line that their crushes say to manipulate the singers. It’s a really messy, one-sided, toxic, and unreciprocated relationship which is getting more and more complicated.

Conclusion: Mean It Meaning

Have you ever been the second option for your crushes? How do you feel? Do you feel crushed or loved? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Mean It’ by Lauv & LANY? Let us know in the comments section below. Love can get really bad sometimes. If you feel like talking, don’t mind to contact us. We’ve been through it too.

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