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Lauv ‘Changes’ Lyrics Meaning is Giving Us New Year Resolutions


Lauv – Changes Lyrics Meaning

‘Changes’ is the eight-track of lauv’s official studio album ‘~how i’m feeling~`. The teaser was released on Lauv’s official Twitter and Instagram day before the release of the song. The song is optimistic about the future. It talks about changing yourself for the better even when no one acknowledges it. It’s a very nice concept for music as well. Now, let’s learn the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Changes’ by Lauv.

Introduction: Changes Lyrics

Before announcing his debut album, ‘ Lauv’ mentioned that his album will revolve around his feelings and what he has been through in the past few years. Well, this is true considering he has released songs like ‘Mean It‘ and we absolutely love it. Specifically in the song ‘Changes’, he talked about his new year resolutions that he would help him make changes in his life for good. His commitment to change for himself is something that we as fans should appreciate.

Changes Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Changes’ by Lauv section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Lauv starts with talking about making physical changes in himself and with this we all can relate to him because to change we all want to cut or dye of our hair and make a new start with our new self. Then Lauv mentioned taking a break from his excessive drinking habits, which may not be easy to do but he has to because it is further deteriorating his mental and physical health and playing a major cause of his sleepless nights.


The singer mentioned again that changes he is about to do might not be an easy task for him but he have to make some amendments because the past year was emotional roller coaster for him. Lauv has been thinking about making changes in life for so long but he is finally doing it and he has high hopes that it all will work out not today or tomorrow but someday.

[Verse 2]

Lauv furthur shine light upon his battle with anxiety and depression. He has been hesitating about taking pills prescribed by his personal therapist as he also mentioned in his last song ‘Sad Forever’. Lauv said as a part of his changes he finally want to take the medicine because he tried every other thing to cope his anxiety and depression but all in vain.

Conclusion: ‘No Idea’ Meaning

Lauv dropped ‘Changes’ on second day of new year and we all should start taking notes from his new album ‘~how i’m feeling~’. Especially the song ‘changes’ should be our new year resolution. Lauv has become mental health advocate, saying that ‘I felt like I had to tell my story’. This song is relatable because most of our generation has been battling with depression and anxiety for many years and we all want to make changes in our lives for a brand new decade.

This itself is a change that newly rising talented artist is making music on more sensitive and important topics rather than drugs, violence, and sex. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Changes’ by Lauv? Let us know in the comments if this song encourages you to make changes in your personal lives?

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