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Lizzo ft. Missy Elliott – Tempo Lyrics Review


Lizzo ft. Missy Elliott – Tempo Lyrics Review

‘Tempo’ is straight up a banger track from Lizzo. It is the third single of Lizzo’s upcoming album ‘Cuz I Love You’. You know today’s Lyrics Review session is going to be an awesome one because there is an iconic female rapper, Missy Elliott, in the track. Let’s do this, shall we?

Music Composition

The guitar note in the intro of Tempo makes it clear that this Lizzo song is going to be iconic as well. The note gives us a perfectly blended positive vibe for an awesome Lyrics Review for Tempo. Let’s go for the chorus section.

Understanding Chorus

Slow songs, they for skinny hoes
Can’t move all of this here to one of those
I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo (Tempo)

The chorus of Tempo starts off with a deep low vocal by Lizzo. Her vocal experiment on this track is a plus point for her in this review. The song is basically about body acceptance like almost every other Lizzo tracks. In the lyrics of Tempo, Lizzo tells us that she is fond of heavy beats for a reason. In a literal sense, heavy beats make one’s body move. It is essential for good body health.

Looking At Verse 1

In the first verse, Lizzo goes blatant after tongue-twisting rhymes such as “pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pitty-pat”, “fitty-fitty-fat” and “kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty-kitty cat”. With the heavy beats along with an empowering flow, the rhymes just make the song perfect. The vocal play on “Baby, baby” part fits in with the music so well that this part kept me hooked up with the song.

Verse 2

Now off to the second verse of the legendary song Tempo by Lizzo, we have modern romanticism explained in just a few lines. Some shades of feminism are thrown into the second verse as well. In modern days, you cannot own a person. Lizzo makes it very clear in the lyrics for the second verse of Tempo that she is not to be treated as an accessory by anyone.

Missy Elliott & Verse 3

Part I

The moment we all had been waiting for is finally here. We are finally going through the lyrics by Missy Elliott in Tempo for the review.

Kitty cat, kitty cat, prrr
All the thick girls down on the flrrr (On the floor)
Ice on my neck like brrr (Like brrr)

Part II

The vocal manipulations in the track by short buzzes like “prrr”, “flrrr”, “brrr”, “grrrd” and “drrr” create a vibe of strength and power of Missy herself and Lizzo. Every short buzz reaches the peak of poetic beauty so as to explain certain situations metaphorically. Look at the lines below:

Look at me, I know I look grrrd (Good)

The short buzzes explain the situations explicitly.

I’ma show y’all chicks how to drrr it


What we can conclude from this is Missy Elliott will never disappoint us by her poetic abilities. Plus, her feature on this iconic Lizzo track, Tempo, has already made this song a bop.

Analysing Tempo

In overall, the lyrics are too poetic for a bad review. The music is perfect and the vocal deliveries from both Lizzo and Missy Elliott were on point. This brings us to the ultimate Lyrics Review time for Tempo by Lizzo ft. Missy Elliott.

Personal Take

I give Tempo by Lizzo and Missy Elliott a decent 06/10 in the Lyrics Review category. I am expecting a lot from the upcoming Lizzo album, ‘Cuz I Love You’. Good luck Lizzo.

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