You are currently viewing Marshmello – Light It Up Lyrics Review. Is It a Meh Track? (ft. Tyga & Chris Brown)

Marshmello – Light It Up Lyrics Review. Is It a Meh Track? (ft. Tyga & Chris Brown)


Marshmello ft. Tyga & Chris Brown – Light It Up Lyrics Review

Tyga and Chris Brown are seemingly pretty close friends. They have dropped a number of hits and it had been a while they hadn’t released any songs together. The wait is finally over, the new music is here with us. Marshmello is a producer of the song and we have pretty high hopes here. Let’s review the lyrics of ‘Light It Up’ produced by Marshmello featuring Tyga and Chris Brown. Is the song worth listening or is it a meh track? Let’s find out.


I found this song by scrolling down the trending page of YouTube. I was excited as soon as I saw Tyga and Chris Brown in the same project with Marshmello as a producer because I had been waiting for this collab since 2015’s ‘ayo’ phase. Now, it is finally out here.

Light It Up Lyrics Review

Part 1

There is no hidden meaning behind the lyrics of the song Light It Up. The lyrics are pretty basic. They are usual Tyga and Chris Brown songs recorded and produced as party-themed music. Tyga is obsessed with the birthdays, as usual. There are no surprise elements in the song.

Part 2

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]

Girl, you know ain’t no controllin’ me
Close your mouth when I’m facing you

Chris Brown delivers these lines in the song. I’m not trying to bring back his history with Rihanna but I think we all know about it, Chris. You don’t need to remind us again.

Part 3

The lyrics are mostly circling around sex, drugs, and money. I am happy that Tyga is making a great commercial comeback with his songs lately. However, I would prefer listening to ‘Dip’ by Tyga with Nicki Minaj feature in it.


Part 1

The song overall is produced with an excess of high hats and claps. The beats used in this song are a little similar to the beats used in ‘Dip’. The production is superb and the beats sound catchy. However, the chorus of Light It Up doesn’t really go with the flow of the beats. I think it sounds a little off somewhere. What do you think? Let me know.

Part 2

The singers, Tyga, and Chris Brown, both are used to singing about having fun and living a good life. Their brand is on point. However, while looking at their history together in this lyrical niche, I think they could have written a better chorus and better verses.


Lyrics Review of Light It Up by Tyga and Chris Brown concludes that the targeted age group is 15 to 30. The colorful vibe of this song is a good match for the clubs and for the drinking parties. If I could change one thing about this song, I’d change the chorus of this song. It can be done better.

Personal Take

I give ‘Light It Up’ by Marshmello featuring Tyga and Chris Brown a decent 04/10 in the Lyrics Review category. Guys, please go back to ‘ayo’ phase, please. You were better there.

Check Light It Up by Marshmello featuring Tyga and Chris Brown on YouTube:


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