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Did You Know Melanie Was Bullied? Melanie Martinez – Nurse’s Office Lyrics Meaning

Melanie Martinez – Nurse’s Office Lyrics Meaning

In the fifth track of K-12, Melanie talks about her school days. Let’s talk about the meaning behind the lyrics of “Nurse’s Office” by Melanie Martinez.

Nurse’s Office is produced by Michael Keenan. The track is produced in a school theme where Melanie had to deal with mean girls.


Melanie Martinez has always been extremely open about the bullies in school. The date goes as far as to “Crybaby” era.

Personally, she had to deal with the bullies by focusing on her music. This certainly paid off very well. Good for you, Melanie!

Nurse’s Office Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Nurse’s Office” by Melanie Martinez section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Melanie Martinez is a troubled individual. She’s been mistreated by people around her constantly.

The physical abuse went as far as to tear her skin and even punch her. In the first verse, she pleads to her bullies saying not to hurt her.

She wants to go to the nurse’s office so as to medicate her wounds where she feels a little safer.

The singer has a pale complexion and she has developed a sensation of faintness at the same time.

She refers to coughing as releasing the exhaled Carbon Dioxide for the trees to utilize during photosynthesis.

At least her pain is helpful for something in nature!


Melanie Martinez is coughing. She’s bleeding from the cut marks but the band-aids on her hand won’t heal it.

The singer wants to get all the attention to herself. Therefore, she is faking most of her pain.

She is over-exaggerating the trauma she’s been going through so that she’d be accepted by her friends.

Most importantly, she’s faking all of this just to stay safe from the upcoming physical attacks on her.

Protect Melanie Martinez at any cost people! She’s important.


Melanie Martinez wises to go home. However, her teacher isn’t granting her a sick leave!

She wants to take the pink slip of permission and go home to relax.

Melanie wishes everything could be just like she said because she wishes to ditch the classroom but she’s too scared to do that.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, Melanie Martinez shows us her daily routine in the classroom. She asks her teacher if she can change her seat.

However, her teacher turns her down. This gave the other person behind her advantage to hurt her even more.

The bullies would go as far as to cut her hair!

But her teacher wouldn’t care. Melanie is expected to stay inside the classroom, at the current position and stare at the chalkboard while her hair is getting cut from her back.

Wow, so cruel!

Then, she had to fake a seizure and left the classroom.

Such an icon!


What would you do if your teacher did this to you? Would you be okay?

Or would you fake seizure too?

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “Nurse’s Office” by Melanie Martinez?

Let us know in the comments below.

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