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Strange Path To Success! Melanie Martinez – Show & Tell Lyrics Meaning


Melanie Martinez – Show & Tell Lyrics Meaning

“Show & Tell” is the fourth track from Melanie’s second album, K-12. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Show & Tell” by Melanie Martinez.

Melanie shares the biggest secret of getting on top of Hollywood in this track. Most of the successful entertainers in the world have followed the route she’s talking about.


The song “Show & Tell” is produced by Michael Keenan. It talks about forced personality maintenance in front of the public.

“Show & Tell” talks about dealing with emotional and psychological manipulation in the industry.

Show & Tell Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Show & Tell” by Melanie Martinez section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Melanie Martinez talks about people that are treating her like a puppet. They pull her hair if she tries to walk out on her own!

Everything she does is monitored and examined very carefully. Every step she makes is of great significance for them because they are scared of her influence in the world.

They manipulate her into thinking that they love her. But it isn’t true whatsoever. The people in the industry want to get benefitted from your influence.

These people change their words almost all the time. One moment, they treat her nicely and the next moment they break her heart by using the cruelest words.

I feel so bad for Melanie Martinez!

She is dealing with all of this and here we are, acting like we don’t know anything.


Melanie Martinez has a lot of questions for such people. She wants to know how can someone be so cruel when at the core level we all are humans!

If her skin gets cut, she bleeds, just like the rest of us. Yet, people treat her like another puppet to torture. She runs to the Nurse’s Office every time she bleeds.

We all are imperfect and we all are human. But at this point, Melanie isn’t sure if we actually are equal just by being humans.


Melanie Martinez emphasizes the importance of “Show & Tell” in the chorus section.

It is like something you would do when you are called by the teacher to explain an important concept in front of the whole class.

Everyone looks forward to using her physically to gain fame. If they don’t get it, they go public to ruin her lives.

Melanie is probably referencing this to the sexual assault scandal that became public in 2017.

She is on the display for the class (public). The singer must share her vulnerable thoughts backed up by saddening emotions even when no one is ready to listen to her side of the story.

According to Genius Lyrics, her art is sold by the industry as if she were a product, a puppet, and not a human.

The art doesn’t sell these days unless you follow the trend.

We can feel you, Melanie!

[Verse 2]

In this verse, Melanie Martinez talks about her feeling owed by the world.

Back in 2016, Melanie was approached by a stranger and she began taking her picture without even asking her!

Melanie stood up for herself and she told her not to take pictures of her without asking.

However, this resulted in a massive backlash with the majority of people calling her a rude person.

She is scared of the “cancel culture”. People really take your career up when they like you. But once they find even a single flaw in her, the same people come out to destroy her career.


Melanie Martinez brings up the vibe of “Wheels on the Bus” track in the bridge section of the song.

She wants people to hear what she’s saying even though she isn’t uttering a single word.

Melanie is trying her best to let people know about the things subconsciously.

However, she wonders if anyone is even trying to listen to her.


Melanie Martinez has really exposed the industry and its unhealthy culture in this song.

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