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Is Melanie Faking Happiness? Melanie Martinez – Detention Lyrics Meaning


Melanie Martinez – Detention Lyrics Meaning

Detention, a new way to prove the world that you’re cool these days. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Detention by Melanie Martinez.

Crybaby’s antisocial personality can be highlighted briefly from the title of the song. The narrative of “detention” has become a matter of cliche lately.


Nevertheless, what do the kids do so as to look cool in front of their peers? You’ve guessed it, anything!

The kids these days are way smarter than the same age group of around fifty years ago. The absolute necessity to be different for temporary applause is commonly seen in the kids.

Detention Lyrics Meaning

Here, we will create a scenario for Melanie Martinez’s detention story and try to relate it with ours so as to entertain you. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of detention by Melanie Martinez together.

The singer is forcefully brought into the classroom and she is not allowed to leave the classroom. Even though her physical body is present inside the classroom, her mind is running outside the school, in a free world.

We all can relate to the heart-throbbing experience of feeling like encaged inside the classroom, can’t we?

[Verse 1]

In this setting, Melanie Martinez is inside her classroom. The mean girls are picking on her and the boys are laughing at the cause.

However, the singer feels nervewracking pain causing her to think all the impossible events. She sees the classroom burning down and her bullies are crying.

Suddenly, someone throws a paper ball at Melanie and she wakes up from the surrealist dream she hadn’t had for quite a while.

But she doesn’t give any response to it. She is as idle as a painted ship. Her current outlook looks like a body with flesh and blood without a soul.

The singer would have usually responded. However, the battle between a demon and an angel is consuming her head.

Both of them are giving her a piece of opinion to choose from. Despite this, she is not able to figure out if her response would be a normal one or a joke to excite the overexcited souls present in her classroom.


In this scene, Melanie Martinez can hear the outside buzzes. However, she is hypnotized by her internal conflicts.

Her mental trauma is leading her to actual physical pain. The reality is, she is unconscious of what’s going on around her.

Yet, she seems very conscious to other people since they can see her chewing the gum. The people around her have no idea what’s going on inside her head.

The only thing they see is the “narcissistic” personality developed by the singer’s anxiety. But no one bothers to understand her inner trauma.

This is what being human is for I guess. We only focus on the image portrayed by people because that’s what interesting to us.

If this is what love feels like, I’d rather not take it. This is what the singer believes in as well.


The deadening environment of the classroom is making her feel like she is in detention.

Even though she is inside the classroom surrounded by high-energy people, she feels extremely lethargic and sad.

She can actually feel her blood pressure rising due to her personality that supports quieter resilience.

At this point, even her mind feels trapped inside her classroom. The singer doesn’t feel free anymore.

She wants to crawl up into someone else’s mind so as to learn how to deal with such situations. But she is as frozen as a dead body in the ice.

[Verse 2]

Melanie Martinez recalls the lies she had been fed as a child. She vividly pictures her parents saying “The teachers are your friends. They always wish the best for you.”

The truth is harder to face. The teachers only care about what comes into their pockets.

If Melanie fails to submit a vague assignment which requires assistance from someone smarter, she is not inquired as to why she didn’t complete her assignments.

Instead, her lack of knowledge due to the teacher’s negligence is punished.

The pain she’s been going through is seemingly extremely sad. However, the sad truth is, there is actually nobody to care about that.


In this scene, we can visualize Melanie Martinez feeling rebellious. This is when she goes “enough is enough!”

Regardless, there is not much that she can do about the situation she is in at the moment.

Yet, she wants to get out of this ongoing asphyxiation even though she has no clue how to.

Here, Melanie isn’t trusted by people even though she just wants to go to the bathroom. This torturous reality is destroying her creativity and no one seems to care about it.


Have you ever felt trapped inside your own mind? I am pretty sure there were certain instances in your life to which you can relate.

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of the song Detention by Melanie Martinez? Let us know in the comment section below.

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