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Analyzing Lyrics Meaning of ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ by Tame Impala


Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness Lyrics Meaning

The song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ is the third promotional single from the fourth studio album, The Slow Rush, by Tame Impala. It accentuates Kevin talking about his departed father. The singer had an alienated connection with his father as his parents had to go through a divorce when he was young. This song was recently teased by Kevin on his Instagram on the 10th of March 2019. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ by Tame Impala.

The first part of the song emphasizes a funk hefty bassline. It is a reminder of his 2010 album, Innerspeaker. The second part of the song plays up a fence of synths identical to the theme of his 2015 album, Currents. It’s allocated into two unique classifications — the first part is gloomy and flickering with a touch of mortality. This moment is teased before unfolding into a chillwave-adjacent outro which experiences a glow at the end of a murky shaft.

Introduction: Posthumous Forgiveness Lyrics

Tame Impala has been releasing a continuous surge of the new song including ‘It Might Be Time‘ as the release date of The Slow Rush, 14th February 2020, is approaching. The recent song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ spans over six minutes. It indicates Tame Impala experimenting from a distance that could instead be interpreted as rock music from Parker’s synths and trippy musical expression.

The slumping music written and produced by Parker is teeming in a smog of recollections as it unfolds. At around the four-minute point, the song alters into a further stripped-back strategy. While the familiar chatter is going on in the song, the warped outbreaks of funk created by Tame Impala fires away into the essence of the song. The group speaks to a deceased loved one in a powerfully screeching posthumous forgiveness and it couldn’t be any better.

Posthumous Forgiveness Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ by Tame Impala section-wise.

[Part I]

[Verse 1]

People are used to comparing a child with his/her father’s traits. When Kevin was a kid, no one could bet against his traits with that of his father’s. The singer believes this has to do with people not noticing anything remarkable in him which is worth talking about him. His father was a hero to him as well as to everyone that knew of him. He knows his father will always be around him in case he needs some assistance on moving forward with his life.


Innocently, Parker believed his father would always be around him even after he passed away, precisely as any kid believes. He had to learn it the hard way that it wasn’t the case for him. The singer tries to talk to his father in his lyrics by asking him if he was thinking Kevin would never grow up. As he grew up, he learned that nothing lasts forever and everything will pass through a cycle of birth and death.

[Verse 2]

Kevin had had an extreme level of trust in the words of his father. He believed each and every word told by his father as a kid. So as to redeem the integrity of his family, Kevin’s father advised him and his Mother to simply believe him. It was not so difficult to plant the seed of trust factors in an inexperienced and impressionable child. Sadly, the pledge did not keep up the way it was told, as the couple ultimately separated. Kevin now realizes that his father was only trying to save his and his integrity only, not of the family dynamics.


There were so many rooms if his father had really wanted one for a change so as to protect the integrity of his family. He could have fit an ocean in the holes present in his and his mother’s hearts that were created by the decision of his father to leave them alone. Kevin believes that his father gave birth to a lot of remorses for which he genuinely wished to ask forgiveness. By the time he oversaw himself to huddle up the courage to apologize, his time on Earth had, unfortunately, run out already.

[Part II: Posthumous Forgiveness Meaning]

[Verse 3]

Following the separation, Kevin’s father began a romantic connection with another woman almost immediately. The singer understood this as a damaged trust which was heavily built-in him towards his father. This broken trust destroyed his confidence in himself and his vision towards the concept of life. There was a chance for him and his father to move on with the heartbreaks together. But instead, his father chose another woman over his son. Now, it’s too late. There is no room for redemption.

[Verse 4]

By now, Kevin Parker has recollected himself as a person and he has moved on from all the hardships thrown into his life by the decision of his father. In case they were to meet in an afterlife, Kevin warns his father to not ask for forgiveness with him as it’s too late now. Instead, he wants to share his songs with his father. He wishes to sing for his father and bond over his ordeals of being a musician with his father. But it’s not possible as long as Kevin is alive on Earth. However, this time Kevin wishes for his father to sing along with his music. This will be the ultimate redemption and this will be the ultimate forgiveness for his father from his side.


Kevin Parker is sadly yearning for an exchange of words with his father. He is seeking for a chance to tell him the stories of the success he has earned in his music career. The singer wishes to know if his father is impressed with the way he’s been living his life on Earth. Kevin wishes to listen to his voice sing along with his father’s once again, just the way they used to sing along when Kevin was a kid.

Conclusion: Posthumous Forgiveness Meaning

This sad approach to redemption and denial is creating an environment of contradiction in Kevin Parker’s life. The way he looks at his father, he knows his father’s actions aren’t justifiable. But yet Parker understands that his father deserves forgiveness. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ by Tame Impala? Let us know in the comments section below.

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