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Will You Become Lover of Taylor Swift? – Lover Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift – Lover Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift has dropped her album titled ‘Lover’! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift.

What an exciting moment for the Swifties!


According to Genius Lyrics, a Vogue interviewer described the song as a “romantic, haunting, waltz, singer-songwriter’s nugget.”

This couldn’t be truer!

Again, according to Genius Lyrics, ‘Lover’ is a romantic track dedicated to Swift’s partner of three years, Joe Alwyn.

It takes a wedding-like perspective on their relationship and shares information about their romance, revealing how deeply Swift feels for him.

Lover Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The lyrics in the first verse of ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift is so romantic. I do not know where to begin with!


How cool is that?

Even though Taylor has been with her romantic interest for three years, she finds him mysterious EVERY SINGLE DAY!

She often gets confused if she has met him for 20 seconds or 20 years! It’s a pretty cheesy line but still, VERY romantic.


Taylor Swift wants to take her relationship to another level. She wants to go where her love interest wants to go.

The meaning behind the lyrics of the Chorus of Lover by Taylor Swift can be contradicting!

She wants to stay close to her love interest forever and ever. The Hollywood portrayal of “Taylor Swift dates for attention” should be over now!

Isn’t she perfect? She wants to go home with her love interest and make love with him!

Maybe it is a little clingy. But who cares? It’s TAYLOR SWIFT!

We can see her snake to the archer progression timeline here.

[Verse 2]

Taylor Swift is full of love in her heart. She is also a fun-loving person.

The singer is willing to let her friends crash in their living room so as to have fun! However, the meaning behind the lyrics in this verse of Lover by Taylor Swift takes a turn.

But she will be watching him because he is the kind of guy every other girl wants as mentioned in “ME!”.

Taylor has talked about self-confidence and love in her new single with Brendon Urie, ME!


Here, Taylor Swift uses imagery and language of a real wedding to convince the world how serious she is about this relationship!

She relates the scars on her fingers caused by the guitar strings to the magnetic force of attraction of her to her lover.

So as to fulfill the wedding tradition, she says her heart has been borrowed. However, the heart of her love interest has always been blue for her.

Isn’t she one heartbroken girl?


The whole song is super cheesy but I cannot get enough of it!

What do you think is the meaning the lyrics of ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift?

Read “Lover” by Taylor Swift on Genius

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