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Snake To Archer Progression Timeline of Taylor Swift – The Archer Lyrics Meaning

the archer lyrics meaning

Taylor Swift – The Archer Lyrics Meaning

According to Genius Lyrics, The Archer is a track about Taylor Swift’s insecurities in a relationship. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of The Archer by Taylor Swift in detail.


Given the rough times that Taylor had had to face in the music industry, the lyrics of “The Archer” makes sense. Even though Taylor tries to show the beautiful side of her from her single ‘ME!‘, she hasn’t been able to find a stable relationship, at all.

The lyrics of ‘The Archer’ is about Taylor Swift being strong and fighting every obstacle in the path of her success. She implies that no matter how hard people try to overthrow her from the music industry, she will be around and she will be around for long!

The Archer Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘The Archer’ by Taylor Swift section-wise.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse, Taylor Swift says she is ready for any type of combat. She wants to fight the negativity around her. Her determination to fight for herself seems to be a little moody.

Here in the first verse, Taylor seems to be a little confused as to whether she wants to fight for herself or just let it slide. This is because the singer is aware of the fact that cruelty always wins in the movies.

She doesn’t know real life is very different than the movies yet. Taylor should say ‘You Need To Calm Down‘ to herself!

[Pre-Chorus 1]

In the lyrics of the Pre-Chorus of the song ‘The Archer’, Taylor Swift is adding some words of wisdom. She knows that anything easy to obtain is easy to lose at a similar fashion.

She wants to quit everything around her so as to find herself. The singer feels so lost and childish that she wants to take her time to grow up.


In the chorus section of the song, Taylor Swift says that she has been the one to attack as well as the one to get wounded at the same time.

The singer knows she is lovable and caring. However, despite her committing personality, no one is willing to stay with her.

But it’s okay for her. Taylor Swift doesn’t want validation from anyone either.

[Verse 2]

Taylor Swift believes that everyone has a darker side. In the lyrics of ‘The Archer’, Swift says she is unapologetically looking for darker sides of people just so that she can understand people better.

We all know Taylor is a huge believer of ‘Karma’. In the lyrics of the second verse of ‘The Archer’, Taylor Swift says she cut off her nose just to spite her face.

This means that all the bad things she has done to other people in her life have come back to her life. We can see Taylor’s insecurities hiding behind her words used against other people.

[Pre-Chorus 2]

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics in the second Pre-Chorus of ‘The Archer’ by Taylor Swift.

The singer says she walks through people’s emotions whenever they need. But when she needs emotional support, she doesn’t get any.

Everyone Taylor had admired has died alone. However, she doesn’t want to die in loneliness. She wants to hold onto someone she loves.


As mentioned in the previous Pre-Chorus, the singer says she walks through people’s emotions whenever they need. But when she needs emotional support from people, she doesn’t get any.

So, for her own emotional satisfaction, she walks right through her!

[Pre-Chorus 3]

This part is where Taylor Swift lets her all out. What she has is a relationship problem, with almost everyone.

Everyone that is making fun of Taylor Swift was once her friend. She doesn’t want to be laughed at anymore. Therefore, she needs someone to hold onto.

This is basically a summary of the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘The Archer’ by Taylor Swift.

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