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Would You Still Love Taylor If She Was a Man? Taylor Swift – The Man Lyrics Meaning


Taylor Swift – The Man Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift needs no introduction when it comes to the sexist remarks from the people. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “The Man” by Taylor Swift.

Humiliation after humiliation, Taylor Swift has had to deal with body shaming, character shaming, and personality shaming throughout her career.


According to Genius Lyrics, in the song, Taylor “plays with the idea of perception.”

According to Vogue, “she has often wondered how she would be written and spoken about if she were a man.”

In this song, she tries to portray how her life would be different had she been born a man!

The Man Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “The Man” by Taylor Swift section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Taylor Swift starts off the first verse by defining what makes a man “The Man”. She says she would be complex as well as cool if she were a man.

Then, she goes off to mentioning the sexist double-standards scenarios of which she’s been a victim of.

People have always pointed out her dating style. But she doesn’t care about people’s opinions about her personal life. For her, it is okay to date many people.

It is all about getting to know yourself and her love interest before getting committed to a relationship. Let her find her ideal Lover!

The core meaning hidden behind the lyrics in the first verse of “The Man” by Taylor Swift is she’s singlehandedly fighting sexism.

If she was a man, she would have been a boss walking around in the street even though she was dating a pool of people.

It’s a conquest in a way that she’s been able to handle herself despite all the controversies.

[Pre-Chorus I]

Taylor Swift points out the traits she would have had if only she were a man in the first Pre-Chorus.

She would be an alpha type fearless leader.

Taylor Swift has won a lawsuit against her getting groped at a concert in 2013. She references this incident by a line:

When everyone believes ya

What’s that like?


In the chorus section, the lyrics behind “The Man” by Taylor Swift shows a side of her tackling with gender inequalities.

The singer is running as fast as she can from society and people. But they never leave her! She’s been loving herself in “ME!

She is pacing slowly towards her destination. But things would have been much easier and she could pace faster towards her destination if only she were a man!

However, she’s been The Archer as well.

Wow, such an emotional part!

[Verse 2]

Every critic knows that Taylor Swift has come a long way in her career.

However, instead of appreciating her hard work, people try their best to defame her all the time.

She is criticized for literally everything. Taking from her clothes to the way she smiles.

It was right for her to say “You Need To Calm Down!

[Pre-Chorus II]

According to Genius Lyrics, she expresses the disparity between the way which her actions as a woman are rewarded compared to a man.

The meaning behind the lyrics of Pre-Chorus of “The Man” by Taylor Swift is she is trying to make the lifestyle that men live acceptable to women as well.


In the Bridge section of “The Man”, Taylor Swift calls out the artists that make a living by showing off their fortune!

[It is rather intelligent to start investing as early as possible. Follow to learn more about personal finance and investing to generate passive income. You deserve to be rich.]

Taylor continues by saying it’s okay for men to brag about having multiple partners but if a woman does that, she’s out of the norms made by the society!

It is okay for men to brag about their wealth. But if a woman does that, she is looked as an opportunist that men should be aware of.


“The Man” is one of the most real songs released by Taylor Swift.

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “The Man” by Taylor Swift?

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