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Revisiting a Major The Weeknd Hit ‘Starboy’ Lyrics Meaning


The Weeknd – Starboy Lyrics Meaning

The song ‘Starboy’ gives us the vibe which I believe everyone should have. The track talks about the extremely conscious culmination of his fame. The Weeknd has transformed from being a strange Canadian mask to Billboard number one. The singer has been through a lot to make it through a protracted path. However, as a result of the adverse outcomes in his voyage to the prime of music fame, he has formulated eclectic feelings towards his reputation as a singer. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd.

The track accentuates exposition from the electro-pop team Daft Punk. ‘Starboy’ marks the major coalition of The Weeknd with Daft Punk. Just a while around the song was disclosed, we came to know that the artists involved in the song had finished the track concurrently in their workplace. The result was definitely so beneficial that The Weeknd chose to put together ‘Starboy’ as his album’s major song.

Introduction: Starboy Lyrics

The song is a fierce one from the album. This aggressiveness puts the song in the place of providing influential information to the younger generation, let’s say his fans. Even though fame looks great from the outside, The Weeknd is suggesting that the lifestyle he’s been living is perhaps not robust as it looks to be at an introspective level. The evidence of him understanding that he is a lothario implies he has either entirely adopted to the lifestyle he’s accustomed to or is perhaps slightly discouraged by his stature in the entertainment industry.

The points that I’ve been making are very tough to verify. To be honest, there is not much expressed in the song as we know The Weeknd can hide behind his own lyrics. Looking at compelling evidence of him swearing just before his status of ‘Starboy’ in the lyrics gives a meaning that the artist is barely inconsistent about his status. It is certain that The Weeknd knows exactly who he is. Thus, he is unapologetic to his claim to fame.

Starboy Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Here, the singer reminds us of his playboy nature and how the things around him have deviated since his latter album release. Even if we know that ‘Starboy’ holds up a discernible showing off, The Weeknd instantly reminds us that this track wasn’t produced to keep us in “The Zone” so that we would perceive the song in a better way. Abel then cites the income that he had had made from his last album and he is unapologetic to the comparison to what most people make in a year.


Here, Abel chats about narcotic consumption, his romantic partners and the type of life he’s living from his fame. The term “i***y” in ‘Starboy’ lyrics means a connection to co***ne white since both of them have a matching color. Then, The Weeknd tells us how his short-term romantic partner snorts it up and cleans up the table so as to fit in with him and have fun. He doesn’t care about what other people have got to say about him or has any interest in the fortune of other people since he’s got everything that he had wanted for himself by himself.


This section contains a gloomy, bitter glance at his success speaking to his lovers, business partners, and the ones that hate him the most. The weeknd expresses the bitterness in everyone for putting together his art to make him one of the influential singers in the world. Since Abel has attained the degree of fame he had once wished for, he is now hesitant to accept what he’s accomplished ever since his Trilogy days.

[Verse 2]

The stature and accomplishment of The Weeknd have resulted in many artists or business partners to be envious of his life which he mentions in his recent song “Heartless” as well. However, none of that matters to him anymore as he has got a loyal fanbase and a pile of cash to live the rest of his life with. These days, The Weeknd stares at his yore for motivation instead of the coeval. 

[Verse 3]

The third verse of ‘Starboy’ means that the singer hates it when people try to change him for better representation in the marketplace and stuff like that. He has made it very clear that he doesn’t care about any of it and he just wishes to make good records for his fans. Out of respect, the singer refers to buying a new car and a fancy house for his mother. The song has an element of citation to the risks he takes in his life by speeding up and getting himself extremely near death. But he’s just living for the thrills of cars than for the love.

Conclusion: Starboy Meaning

The song has its highs and the song couldn’t have been better otherwise. Showing off simply feels promising and reasonable considering the hardships one has to go through to get the things that one long for. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd? Let us know in the comments section below.

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