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The Weeknd ‘Heartless’ Lyrics Meaning With Trippy Vegas Experience!


The Weeknd – Heartless Lyrics Meaning

After almost a year of hype, The Weeknd is here with his “Chapter VI”. The Weeknd, with his Trilogy fame, tweeted out “TONIGHT WE START A BRAIN MELTING PSYCHOTIC CHAPTER LET’S GOOOO” with a picture embedded below on the 27th of November 2019. The track’s release was first teased on the 25th of November 2019, with Tesfaye posting to his Instagram for the first time since its reactivation, with the caption “the fall starts tomorrow night”. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Heartless’ by The Weeknd.

The Weeknd commences his “brain-melting psychotic chapter” with a new song titled ‘Heartless’. This is his first solo release since his 2018’s heartbreaking release My Dear Melancholy EP. However, “Heartless” is classic Abel, as it leans more into the R&B landscape. There is a healthy dose of overindulgent lyrics about d**gs, sex, and partying. The real Abel is expressed profoundly in his Trilogy song ‘Initiation’, that talks about him being hedonistic.

Introduction: Heartless Lyrics

Even though Genius Lyrics annotates the song as “braggadocios lyrics making his wealth and lack of care for a person known to who he is speaking to on the track”, it’s not exactly a braggadocious cut, as The Weeknd suggests he’s not proud of this kind of lifestyle in the lyrics of his new single ‘Heartless’. Earlier this year, the Weeknd worked together with Gesaffelstein, SZA, and Travis Scott for ‘Lost in the Fire’ and ‘Power Is Power‘. This was their assistance to the Game of Thrones-inspired For the Thrones album.

If you were hoping for a romantic jam from The Weeknd in his self-quoted “psychotic chapter” of his, you won’t find that here. As the title of the song implies, he’s ‘Heartless’ throughout the song. He is singing like a man who is done with love and has no expectations of it anymore. The song premiered on the seventh episode of The Weeknd’s “Beats1 Radio show”, Memento Mori.

Heartless Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Heartless’ by The Weeknd section-wise.


The Weeknd initiates his song by saying he shouldn’t be rushing into a relationship fast anymore. He is one heartbroken guy who isn’t scared to let his emotions out to the world. In a way, he is lamenting his luck when it comes to finding true love.

[Verse 1]

Our king of the fall, The Weeknd, is always looking for someone that can fix his broken heart. But instead, he becomes the one to take care of his romantic interest every single time. He mentions using Amphetamines, which are usually used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), excessively. Now, he is feeling invincible. The singer feels like he doesn’t need anyone but everyone else needs him. He is not the type to run for the girls anymore. Now, the girls are running to him for his attention. Whenever he shows any interest in a girl, they pass on him. But now that he doesn’t give any attention to anyone, every girl needs him.


In the chorus, he asks himself why is he changing. Then to his own question, Abel replies, it’s because he’s always been heartless. In the meantime, he trusted a girl that he shouldn’t have and he changed himself for her only to break his heart in the end. The wealth accumulated by The Weeknd from his music career has made him believe he can buy love if he wants to.

Therefore, he isn’t emotionally available to anyone around him anymore. This is the reason why he’s calling himself a heartless person. Every time he tries to become a better person, plan a wedding, and have a family, his heart gets broken into pieces. Therefore, he has renounced every attachment so as to live a free life without any emotions that stimulate dopamine to his brain.

[Verse 2]

Every girl he encounters use him up emotionally and then moves on to someone. He has become a bridge between heartbreak and a relationship to everyone he’s ever been with. We can see this transition in his relationship with Selena Gomez. After Abel heals her from her emotional pain stemming up from her breakup with Justin Bieber, she moves on from Abel and dedicates a song ‘Lose You To Love Me’ to newlywed Justin.

So, he follows his previous method of getting laid with the girls. Abel shows them a path to fame and money, then he uses them up and leaves them. He’s around dangerous people ever since his claim to fame from the Trilogy era. Therefore, every relationship for him is now a short-term relationship without strings. He’d rather be busy with his music and photoshoots for big magazine covers than to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love him back.


The Weeknd dedicates the bridge section to his current girlfriend Bella Hadid, who is with him even though she understands Abel isn’t emotionally available. He thought he had almost lost Bella which made him release “Lost in the Fire” with Gesaffelstein. However, she comes back to him every time they go through bad times. He says he will never know what she sees in him even though he calls himself a heartless person. The singer is thankful to have her in his life but he still thinks he is a heartless person.

Conclusion: Heartless Meaning

Abel had to learn the fact that the more attention you give to someone, the less valuable you become to that person. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Heartless’ by The Weeknd? Is it any good? Do you like what we have got to say about this song? Let us know in the comments section below.

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