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Is Travis Done With Kylie Yet? Travis Scott – HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Lyrics Meaning


Travis Scott – HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Lyrics Meaning

Travis is back with a new song following his breakup with the billionaire, Kylie Jenner. In the song, Travis talks about issues with Kylie Jenner and how they solve their problems together. But this time, they decided to call it “quit” and take a break for a while. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott.

Even though the song is considered to be a “post-breakup” song, Kylie had teased a snippet of the song a while ago for Kylie Cosmetics when they were still together. So, we can conclude Travis didn’t write this song as a result of a MAJOR heartbreak. However, the lyrics of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” portray Travis Scott’s, broken heart.

Introduction: HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Lyrics

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott called it “quit” just a few days prior to the release of the “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” track. Lil Baby was expected to be featured in the song. However, it seems his part had been removed at the last minute. Yikes! Well, the song has been getting a lot of attention from this breakup anyway, hasn’t it? What do you think guys?

Regardless, in the lyrics of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM,” Travis discusses his relationship with his girlfriend and mother of his child – Kylie Jenner. Some sources say the couple hasn’t been together for almost a month. So, it seems it’s crucial for both of them to take a break in a relationship for a while, hopefully, “for a while”.


Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott section-wise in detail.


The song starts with a chorus. That’s how you know it’s going to be a great song. In the lyrics, Travis confesses that his major inspiration is Kylie Jenner. She’s filled Travis with a lot of business ideas, considering she, herself, is a billionaire. I mean, sure Travis, whatever you say!

The chorus follows up with Travis saying Kylie makes him feel unbeatable. She encourages him and makes him feel powerful. Well, that’s what good girlfriends do. It’s good for you, Travis! Good for you. His conquering ego might take him to the heights of the success he’s been dreaming of.

Or he might be alluding to his tolerance level for different psychoactive (mind-altering) drugs. In the music video of the song, he seems to be high on these drugs. Therefore, calling himself “highest” in the room, referencing to how high he really is.

[Verse 1]

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics in the first verse of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott by dissecting the verse in two parts.

Part I

The first verse begins with Travis boasting about the color of his eyes turning red after consuming a lot of psychoactive drugs. His girlfriend/ date, probably Kylie Jenner, usually notices his eyes going red. When he gets high, he tries to reconcile his relationship with the drugs and his horrifying past.

Travis was kicked out of his house when he was only 19, prior to signing himself with Kanye West’s label. He was left broke and homeless, which forced him to see some scarring images. It’s something no one wants to imagine even in their wildest dreams. The rapper is reminiscing about his past while enjoying the effects of the drugs at the same time.

As the verse goes on, Travis exposes Kylie for being too clingy. Well, it can be justified since their relationship has not been doing so well. “I’m doing a show, I’ll be back soon” is not something Kylie Jenner would want to hear from Travis Scott. The rapper had to cancel his show in Buffalo, New York, so as to go back to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend and his daughter.

Later that day, TMZ reported that Kylie Jenner accused Travis of cheating, and he stayed home to resolve the situation. A few weeks later, a rep for Kylie told People that she finds it hard to trust him while he is on tour because they “spend very little time together”. You guys need to work on trust issues, Jesus Christ!

Part II

The verse progresses to Travis explaining what goes on after he finally meets his girlfriend and his daughter. The rapper describes an explicit position that he and Kylie try for fun. Then, he progresses to make love with her and convince her that he isn’t cheating on her. Although, it’s hard for Kylie to trust him since he is a rapper and he can buy anyone for sex at any given point of time.

Travis describes the tension and his feelings for Kylie Jenner and his questions if she even trusts him anymore. Both of them aren’t one hundred percent ready to commit to one another since they do not trust one another, at all. Since both of them are financially independent and stable, both of them can move on with a new person at any time.

However, Travis wants to know the authenticity of Kylie’s love for him before committing to her completely. At the end of the first verse, Travis shows his vulnerable side, literally begging Kylie not to break his heart. He is convinced that he cannot take another heartbreak easily. This is the true definition of toxicity in a relationship. Guys, don’t be in a toxic relationship, it’s going to come with a huge price that you can’t afford.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, the actual meaning behind the lyrics of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott starts to drift away. Travis talks about his wealth in this verse. Therefore, he doesn’t need to stress about the “loot” or let’s say money much. He’s living a lavish life by amassing the wealth of reportedly $22 Million so far. I mean, the dude has achieved a lot. It’s definitely worth some respect.

Travis adds the sexual innuendo to the second verse as well. He says Kylie keeps his reproductive organ as hard as steel. Lucky for him. Moving further into the verse, Travis apologizes for his lifestyle that he did not choose voluntarily. His everyday life including drugs, romance and music are keeping himself away from his derogatory past. At least he isn’t getting anxieties.


The lyrics in the outro of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” suggest Travis Scott’s lifestyle is never going to change again. He will always be this person with rich taste in women, fashion and music. This father-figure loves his daughter so much that he has already seen his future with Kylie Jenner and his daughter. Let’s wish all the best for Travis Scott and his future guys. He’s making great music for us.

Conclusion: HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Meaning

The song basically explains why it’s hard for Travis being a famous rapper, father, and boyfriend. It is hard for him to give time to everything. The way he ends the song sounds as if he’s been trying to escape the earth and just get high all the time. It’s harder to deal with a girlfriend who seeks attention all the time. I can feel you, Travis!

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the music video of the song below. It’s amazing. The lyrics in “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott are good but well, it’s far from what “SICKO MODE” is. I hope the transition at the end is for something better than this.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott began dating in April 2017, shortly after her split with rapper Tyga. In September 2017 news spread that Kylie was expecting their daughter, Stormi, who was born in February 2018. Kylie Jenner announced the split with Scott in October 2019 and went on to Tweet that the split was mutual and peaceful.

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