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An Unrequited Love Story! Tyler, The Creator – SEE YOU AGAIN Lyrics Meaning


Tyler, The Creator – SEE YOU AGAIN Lyrics Meaning

Flower Boy is Tyler’s critically acclaimed album. There are a few songs that stand out from the album and ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’ is one of them. The song features Kali Uchis, whose vocals harmonize with the dreamy setting created by the instrumental of the song. The song was originally written for Zayn Malik but Tyler used the lyrics for himself after Zayn passed on the song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “SEE YOU AGAIN” by Tyler, The Creator.

The heartache of daydreaming about someone you love is shown in the fourth track of the album, SEE YOU AGAIN. Tyler is singing to his ideal lover, who never seems to drift away from his imagination. Recently, Tyler came out as a person who hasn’t yet figured out his sexual orientation on his new project, IGOR, which has made him such a big deal in the present days.

Introduction: SEE YOU AGAIN Lyrics

Tyler has always stood out from the crowd of mediocre or seasonal rappers with a strong fanbase. The unapologetic dark lyrics, weird choice of instrumentals and unrealistically imaginative music videos are some of the reasons why Tyler has always been able to stand out from a flock of noisy “rappers”. The song “SEE YOU AGAIN” has extremely relatable lyrics for someone like me who is in unrequited love.

The problem begins when we idolize a person and the ideal person for us doesn’t reflect an equivalent amount of energy as we provide to them. This is how we fall into the trap of unrequited love. Then, this mystery person starts to dwell in our dreams. We rather wait and chase our love in our dreams because it’s impossible in real life.

See You Again Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of “SEE YOU AGAIN” by Tyler, The Creator section-wise.

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator]

Tyler repeats the phrase “Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, oh” multiple times in the song. It seems as though the singer is owning every alleged mistake and arguments with himself by saying “okay” over and over. The singer is probably acknowledging that true love comes from accepting every flaw of your partner and yourself. Maybe, this could explain the repetitive “okay” for his ideal partner who visits him in his dreams.

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]

Tyler goes as far as to addressing his vulnerable self on “Earfquake” from IGOR saying he has a habit of blaming himself for everything. Maybe his true inspiration for his vulnerability arose from “SEE YOU AGAIN”. In the first verse, Tyler shows us his delusional side. His ideal love visits him in his dream. Even though he spends the majority of his time in real life, he likes to hallucinate or fall asleep with the only hope that his love interest would come to visit him in his dream.

The singer says his ideal love visits him when he is counting sheep to fall asleep in a dreadful way. When the reality side of the singer ends after he closes his eyelids, then he wanders into his dream to find his partner. After they meet each other in Tyler’s dream, he wishes to never wake up from his dream. However, his own imagination cannot create a further image of his lover in his dream and he wakes up out of unconsciousness.

[Pre-Chorus: Tyler, The Creator]

The singer is saying his vision is so accurate, medically 20/20, that he can actually see his ideal lover very distinctly even at a distance of 20 feet. According to Genius Lyrics, Tyler states that his cupid (the god of desire, affection, and love) has a perfect vision, so he got hit with precision. Therefore, he is in love with his mystery lover from his dream and it’s more than enough for him.

Even though this mystery person is everything to Tyler, this mystery person seems to be a little careless when it comes to addressing Tyler’s feelings for him. In the lyrics of the Pre-Chorus of the song, he puts an idea of crossing the road after checking both ways to be more careful. However, this mysterious person of Tyler doesn’t seem to care even a bit when he crosses Tyler’s mind in his dream.

Going further into the lyrics, the singer makes sure that he doesn’t want to chase someone for intimacy. But Tyler ends up chasing the person, as usual, to remind him that he still loves his mystery guy. The singer is so addicted to his mystery lover that, in his dream, he sees the person he’s been craving every time he falls asleep.

[Chorus: Kali Uchis & Tyler, The Creator]

In the Chorus, Tyler, The Creator finally asks his ideal love for a kiss in his dream in a crying feminine voice. He wants the kiss to never stop so that he wouldn’t go back to reality which he’s been actively trying to stay away from. The singer refers to real life as “war”. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever see him again in his dream after this episode ends. Therefore, he wants intimacy to last longer, hopefully forever. But sadly, it’s only in his dream.

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]

As time passes, his once”infatuation” or “crush” phase develops into “unrequited love” and he doesn’t know what to do with it anymore. There are feelings involved. It’s deeper than intimacy. The problem is it is growing inside of him and is undergoing an intense transformation. But he feels like this is his soulmate. On top of that, he is convinced that he will find his soulmate even if he hasn’t met his soulmate yet.

As alcoholics aren’t bothered by the taste of liquor, they stopped needing something to chase it with. Similarly, Tyler plans to stop chasing this person if they keep hesitating to admit their love to him. The singer keeps giving him hints but his love interest isn’t able to decode his hints. But if his love interest is ready to commit to him, he would easily give up his bakery (source of income) to have a piece of this mystery person he’s feeling for.

Conclusion: SEE YOU AGAIN Meaning

The song expresses the sadness of unrequited love with the person who exists only in his dream. That’s some intense creativity right there. What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “SEE YOU AGAIN” by Tyler, The Creator? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “See You Again” by Tyler, The Creator on Genius in detail.


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