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How Do You Relate To Tyler? Tyler, The Creator – Earfquake Lyrics Review


Tyler, The Creator – EARFQUAKE Lyrics Review

Tyler, The Creator is shaking the music industry at the moment by his newest single, EARFQUAKE, and the earthquake is destroying uncreative pieces of art spreading through music. According to Genius Lyrics, in the song, Tyler sings about a lover he depends on, who he knows he hasn’t treated the best, but needs. His outstanding performance with low tone, yet powerful squeaky vocal delivery reminds some fans of Childish Gambino’s classic, Redbone. Let’s review the lyrics of ‘Earfquake’ by Tyler, The Creator.


EARFQUAKE‘ is a collaboration between Tyler, The Creator and Playboi Carti. The song is constructed with distorted drum sounds backed up by cheery piano chords that repeat themselves in a loop till the end. The environment created by the producers for this song blends in with low monotonous vocal delivery by Tyler, The Creator perfectly. This is one of the few tracks by Tyler where he has focused on psychedelic pop performance. Let’s go through the lyrics of Earfquake and review the meaning behind the lyrics of the song.

[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator]

‘Cause you make my earth quake
Oh, you make my earth quake
Riding around, your love is shakin’ me up
And it’s making my heart break

Part I

Tyler is used to writing stories about heartbreak and failed relationships explicitly quite often. Even though the song feels bland because of simple lyrics to it, the song still somehow manages to pull itself out of a boring atmosphere by his excellent choices of instrumentals used in the music and the unique vocal delivery. It really feels like Tyler is squeezing the pain out of his soul while singing to the lyrics for the song, Earfquake.

Part II

The singer says the person he’s in love with is making him overexcited to the possible bright future of their relationship. Tyler feels the literal earthquake shaking his legs due to confusion and fear when the person he loves is near him. It makes him uncomfortable and it’s very hard for him to handle the suffocation. He is not able to be himself due to the suffocation and it’s breaking his heart.

[Bridge: Tyler, The Creator & Charlie Wilson]

Don’t leave, it’s my fault
’Cause when it all comes crashing down I’ll need you

The song then progresses to the bridge where Tyler, The Creator and Charlie Wilson depict the toxic environment created during the initiation of a new romantic relationship. Tyler isn’t ready to accept the fact that the other person is not interested in him anymore. He is trying his best to fix the broken relationship because he doesn’t like losing people that he loves. Just because the romantic relationship is over, it doesn’t mean they should stop talking to each other.

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator & (Charlie Wilson)]

Let’s review the meaning behind the lyrics of the second verse of the song, Earfquake, by Tyler, The Creator.

I don’t want no confrontation, no
You don’t want my conversation (I don’t want no conversation)
I just need some confirmation on how you feel (For real)

Tyler shows his insecure side in the second verse of the song. He isn’t interested in any form of confrontation with his love. On the other hand, his love is not interested in talking to him and fixing things between them. At the moment, the dilemma for Tyler is, he has no idea what his love has been feeling about him. The confusion he’s in at the moment is making him overthink about the situation, not in a good way.


Even though the song has only two verses throughout the lyrics, the song is able to provide meaningful ambience to the audience collectively by excellent placements of Chorus and Bridge in the song. ‘Earfquake’ pictures the romantic relationship and the hardships one has to go through while being in such a relationship vividly. The resemblance of real-life scenarios in such relationships with the lyrics of the song is uncanny.


The song exposes a real-life scenario in today’s romantic relationship. The target audience of this track range from thirteen to forty years. The song is relevant to almost every age groups. After all, life imitating art isn’t a new thing anyway.

Personal Take

I give ‘Earfquake’ by Tyler, The Creator a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. The track speaks the language of love and it’s hard not to love it. Good job, Tyler.

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Read “EARFQUAKE” by Tyler, The Creator on Genius Lyrics.


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