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Check If You’re Going To Hell! Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell Lyrics Meaning


Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell Lyrics Meaning

Climate change! EVERYONE wants to talk about climate change. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “all the good girls” go to hell by Billie Eilish and see how much is it related to climate change.

It is stupid to obsess over something. However, the claim Billie has made in an interview with Vulture that “this song is about climate change indeed!”


Let’s take an unprecedented approach to find the meaning behind the lyrics of “all the good girls go to hell!” by Billie Eilish.

Ladies and gentlemen, today, we are studying the lyrics of this song better than we’ve studied any poems in our Art’s class.

all the good girls go to hell Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “all the good girls go to hell” by Billie Eilish in detail section-wise.


Since I’ve taken the claim made by Billie about this song seriously, I’d try my best to resonate with her perception.

Right off the bats, Billie starts the song by saying:

My Lucifer is lonely

Well, okay. But how does this resonate with Billie’s claim?

Lucifer is a rebellious angel who was condemned from Heaven to Hell just because he rebelled against God.

How could anyone ever believe that there could be no political touch in HEAVEN? That place would be full of crooked politicians all ready to steal an opportunity as soon as they see one.

Well, I see an atheist anthem here. What does this have to do with climate change?

Maybe there is a way she’s linked climate change to rest of her lyrics. Let’s continue.

[Verse 1]

In the first line of the first verse, Billie says she’s standing “there” and wishing death on time.

First of all, this song has yet to define where “climate change” comes from. Then, Billie should come to a realization that “time” is the only thing that’s immortal!

This is what happens when you become a “musician” before you even finish high school.

Now, she says she cannot commit to anything else other than crime. Hello? Excuse me? You are seventeen and there is no way you understand what commitment means!

It’s like Melanie Martinez dreaming the finish line with her “High School Sweethearts”, GROW UP KIDS!

On top of that, what is the scalability of the crime that you’re talking about? Hiding in the basement and smoking a cigarette? This should be the peak level crime considering your age.

If your criminal taste escalates this, then you should visit a doctor in the best psychiatric facility possible.

Still no signs of “climate change”. Just because you add the word “Animal” in the lyrics, the song doesn’t necessarily explain the climate change aspect!

Now, she proceeds to talk about a Gate in Heaven where you can pass but you cannot bring your friends whose destiny is Hell.

If you could bring anyone you liked in Heaven, then it wouldn’t be called Heaven! It would be called the Earth. Use logic guys!

Again, no “climate change” aspect is seen in the song YET!


Now, in the pre-chorus, Billie Eilish references wildfires in California. Where did the coherency of the “atheist anthem” go?

However, the artist is a lover of nature. Let me try to relate this “climate change” theme with the “atheist anthem”.

Billie advocates about “Climate Change” quite often, thus she is an angel. However, people tend to ignore her.

Then, something like Californian Wildfire occurs. Then, she takes the form of a devil. She ignores the consequences resulted by the people ignoring her message.

This doesn’t really make much sense since Billie is a girl, a human being, just like you and me and is neither an angel nor a devil. But has a girl thrown some deep poetry here?

Yes, she has! I am impressed!


Here, Billie Eilish loses the balance of coherency in the poem once again. Now, she is talking about the politics inside Heaven.

She says even God has enemies. Lucifer was seen as a threat by God and he was exiled to Hell because God couldn’t withstand the wrath of Lucifer’s growing popularity in Heaven.

Apparently, so as to win the politics, Gods hire devils to convert the enemy God into a devil. Once the water level rises, God will bring Devil on her side.

This is so complicated! How is this related to “climate change”?

Someone, please explain to me, PLEASE!

[Verse 2]

Now, Billie Eilish talks about her romantic interest in becoming clingy. She calls herself “greenery”, which if I recall should be a reference to “climate change”.

Maybe she is trying to say even if the climate changes, she will always be as fresh as the green trees.

Weird flex, but okay!

I read the whole verse and it has gone completely out of touch from two major themes of the song, i.e. atheist anthem and climate change.

This verse talks about neither of them and I’m laughing out loud.


Now, Lucifer has been lied to! He cannot do anything for the betterment of Heaven since he was conspired to leave Heaven.

There is nothing to save for Lucifer since his God has owed him his career as an angel.

Still, not a single convincing line about “climate change”.

Help me, people. I’m getting desperate.


It seems like Billie Eilish, herself, cannot point out the actual meaning behind the lyrics of “all the good girls go to hell.

In the outro, she says:


I cannot do this snowflake


I still do not know how an atheist anthem can be connected to “climate change”, but the poetry in the song is amazing.

What do you think of the meaning that we have deduced by learning the lyrics of “all the good girls go to hell” by Billie Eilish?

Let us know in the comment below.

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Also, do you think Billie is an industry plant?

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