You are currently viewing Think Twice Before You Mess With Melanie! Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts Lyrics Meaning

Think Twice Before You Mess With Melanie! Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts Lyrics Meaning


Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts Lyrics Meaning

Melanie is back with her physical abuse allegations. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics “High School Sweethearts” by Melanie Martinez.

We can expect to find some creepy mentions to believe Melanie is an offender. However, let’s not jump into the conclusion yet.


Is Melanie subconsciously promoting the techniques to abuse someone physically from this song?

You’ll never know until you read this article in full. So good luck. Guys, I’m scared that Melanie might sue me.

High School Sweethearts Lyrics Meaning

Let’s try to learn the meaning behind the lyrics of High School Sweethearts by Melanie Martinez to see what she has to offer except abuse.


Could there be any classic way to start a song other than starting it off from a Chorus? I guess not!

Melanie Martinez is already keeping us into this catchy whirlpool of trending pop music. IT IS ANNOYING!

The sentiments in the lyrics show the basic clinging traits of High Schoolers who have no idea that it is a bad habit to live with.

Imagine these kids after they’re completely grown up, the regrets they’ll have, it’s interesting to see all over social media.

Just wait and watch.

If you wish to love me, then it should be me and me only. Then, and only then, I’ll be your high school sweetheart.

If a girl looks cute, then her demands seem okayish. Imagine a not so good looking girl showing this attitude.

My god!

If you do bad things to me, I will rip you apart, I will destroy you, all these classics.

But in reality, you call him over and over until he decides to call the cops on you after the breakup.

“Hey, I miss you.”

“Hey, will you come over?”

Yet, Melanie has guts to say this is art in “Show & Tell” track.

Good for you? I guess?

[Verse 1]

We have the classic approach of manipulation here. Now, we need to follow a set of rules to date someone in high school.

Such a pity!

Let’s take a look on the list, shall we?

The first rule is to accept her craziness. If you know you’re crazy, why can’t you act like a normal human being for a second? Why?

The second rule is to commitment for life. I mean, is this a joke?

If you are not willing to show equal effort in the relationship, how can you expect a relationship to last forever?

The third rule is not to make fun of her fashion. This is so unromantic.

If you’re not allowed to make fun of your romantic interest, how boring would it be?

The fourth rule is to give her more. Okay, I’m willing to give her more. But what on earth am I supposed to give?

How am I supposed to read her mind?


The pre-chorus of the song shows the geniune reason why we don’t like girls with attitude.

If we can’t handle heart like hers, we shouldn’t be focusing on her.

Excuse me? What does that mean? Only if you stop being a self-centered person, you’d get any guys you want to have.

She’s probably jealous of her friends having fun as mentioned in “Wheels on the Bus” track.

Like most pretty girls, Melanie has strange fantasies like choking, biting and all crazy stuff.

Her demands are increasingly unfulfilling.


Melanie Martinez displays her attitude and pickiness towards the “High School Sweethearts” of her school.

She wants them to either be on her level or shut up.

Mean girls problem, something I could never understand.

[Verse 2]

Did you think the rules were over in the first verse? Oh wait, think again.

You are about to get the taste of remaining rules from Melanie Martinez’s list.

The fifth step is to show you are one clingy couple. You are supposed to make love in the public, or else you don’t love her.

The fifth step is to put on some work. If he can’t put the work in to make this work then he clearly doesn’t think of it as a relationship.

What is a guy supposed to do? Can anyone tell me how is a guy supposed to “put on some work”?

Now, for Melanie, everything from the seventh step to the eleventh step is the cheating culture in a relationship.

If he cheats on he, which he certainly will because of her unfulfilling list, she’s going to get rid of him.

How poetic? This is the true definition of love ladies and gentlemen.


In the bridge section, Melanie Martinez has tried her best to manipulate her romantic interest by making him believe she has a few social disorders.

She wants him by her side, make love, just focus on her and no one else. You get the point, all these clingy classics.

Melanie is making music for under aged people and she is talking about making love roughly.

Is this what young kids are doing in school these days instead of studying?

I do not mean it lightly. This is a disaster for young kids to be sexually active considering their age.

Please call 911 for promotion of predatory behaviour by Melanie Martinez.

Save the kids!


You are 24 and you’re making kindergarten songs. What kind of delusional world do you live in, Melanie?

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