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Hollow Youthful Relationships Filled With Illegal Substances! BROCKHAMPTON – SUGAR Lyrics Meaning



SUGAR is by far one of the best songs BROCKHAMPTON have ever come out with. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of SUGAR by BROCKHAMPTON!

The song features vocal performances from four out of six members of the group. An American alternative singer, Ryan Beatty, has featured in the song as well.


The lyrics of the song, SUGAR, is about the young age of the members and their bad habits of consuming illegal substances.

The song is basically trying to express the regrets of the members, not being able to become a fierce lover.

SUGAR Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of SUGAR by BROCKHAMTON section-wise.

[Chorus: Ryan Beatty]

The song begins with a chorus that sings about the dilemma between expectations versus forgotten realities.

Ryan is lonely. He wants his love interest to call him. For him, his current love interest is the only person he wants to be by his side.

It sounds a little obsessive, but it’s alright. Let’s not judge because there are feelings involved.

On the other side, it seems his love interest thinks he knows everything about Ryan. But according to him, he couldn’t be more wrong.

He wants his lover to tell him the way he feels if he really knows everything about him.

They hardly know each other. Despite the fact that they don’t know each other, they need each other.

The only thing that they need to work on is they need to know each other.

[Verse 1: Dom McLennon]

Dom’s verse in this song is pretty interesting.

These days Dom doesn’t trust anyone. The story of him feeling betrayed by the person he really trusted is told in the lyrics of Dearly Departed.

Therefore, Dom McLennon moves his mountains on his own. He neither seeks help nor seeks attention from anybody.

When he got caught up in the substance abuse, he persuaded a few people around him to be into these substances as well. Now, it’s very hard for him to change and focus on his personal life.

Dom went as far as to pray to God so as to help him but that didn’t go so well.

Everything around him was falling apart because of the groupie love for illegal substances.

Then, the dosage increased slowly so as to get rid of the looming cloud of sadness.

Later, he realizes that it’s not the way of living.

For him, life is better when everything is clean and natural these days.

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]

In his verse, Matt Champion shows his dissatisfaction with his current lifestyle.

When he was young, he used to be active in his hobbies. According to his story, he is an entrepreneur from a very young age!

He used to trade Jordan shoes for money. But then later, he developed a habit of consuming illegal substances.

Now, instead of money, he was trading the expensive shoes for a recreational purpose.

At least he now realizes that this is wrong.

But he doesn’t know how to stop his consumption habit. He wants some guidance in his life but no one except for himself is interested in him.

This is what happens when you choose short-term recreation over life.

[Pre-Chorus: bearface]

The singer, however, understands his instincts. When he loves someone, he is literally unstoppable.

Even though the things aren’t going so well in his relationship, he is trying his best to make the day of his love interest bright.

He wants to be with her very bad.

LOOK at the height of desperation. Wow!

[Bridge: Kevin Abstract]

Before the fame, Kevin Abstract wanted his passport to travel around the globe to find a better deal for himself.

However, at the moment, he feels comfortable with his status of living.

Now, he needs his passport to travel around with his love interest and not alone!

He is ready to do anything for his lover. Such a lucky man.

[Outro: bearface]

But despite the romantic interest and one-sided attachment, Bearface doesn’t know if his love interest is actually interested in him or not.

In the outro of the song, he asks “Do you love me?” to his love interest over and over again.


Personally, I believe the guys should be given a chance to improve their lives and to relive what they had missed before.

Give them a chance guys! Don’t be selfish.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of SUGAR by BROCKHAMPTON?

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