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Do You Wish To Meet Lana In California? Lana Del Rey – California Lyrics Meaning

Lana Del Rey – California Lyrics Meaning

Lana is desperately yearning for her traditional American love story in “California”. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “California” by Lana Del Rey.

Sonically, “California” is one of the slower tracks from “Norman F*cking Rockwell”. A somber, melodic piano makes up the majority of the beat.


The lyrics in the song “California” spreads around the topics like romance, regret, nostalgia. The song references to the unnamed person that she’s shared intricate bond with.

According to Genius Lyrics, the recurring motif of patriotism and devotion to the state of California is strong throughout this song.

California Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “California” by Lana Del Rey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Lana Del Rey loathes clingy people. She has shown her frustration on the opening track, “Norman F*cking Rockwell” as well.

Lana is the type of person to let people do their own things. She doesn’t want them to change for her whatsoever.

You can just lie down with Lana and become her gentle lover.

As she has clearly explained the law of attraction in “Happiness is a butterfly“, she doesn’t want forced relationship with anybody.

The feelings should come naturally in your own playground, just like the butterflies come to you.

She doesn’t want a person to change whatsoever.

What a visionary person!


Despite being futuristic about a relationship, she went through the letters of her love interest just to find out that he wasn’t happy with her.

He had tried his best to get on her best side. However, everything he does to win her turns out to be a bust.

Lana wanted to reach out so as to know him better, which of course, she never did. The nostalgia is haunting her.

She has expressed her nostalgia in a relationship on “The Greatest” track.

Now, the relationship seems to be not working anymore.


Lana Del Rey is missing him a lot. She wants him to let her know that he is coming to her city, i.e. California.

Even though the things didn’t end so well before, she is ready to see him on the flipside.

This is a love story that she sings about in “Love Song” track.

If he is coming to the USA, he should let go of the past grudges and go see her.

Make our Lana happy please, she is precious.

Lana is ready to let go of everything that was hurting the relationship in the first place. She wants a fresh start over.

If he comes to America, they would go anywhere they want, whenever they want and however they want.

There is no limit to the justification of love.

Lana would frame up his Vogue and Rolling Stones covers. She would idolise him and treat him like God.

They can pick any drinks from their favorite liquor store. She would even host a party so as to see him happy.

Such a beautiful soul!

[Verse 2]

Lana Del Rey is all about positivity and possibility. She makes it very clear on “F*ck it I love you” track.

A person can be very intelligent. However, if he lacks self-confidence, then he is not a match to Lana.

He doesn’t need to act cooler in front of her. If Lana has decided to hang out with him, then he should feel special about it.

Self-loathing person can be dangerous.


But everything she’s just said would be possible only when he decides to come back to America.

Just go and see her already!

Don’t make her sad and don’t make her cry.

Sometimes love isn’t enough and I don’t know why.


Do you wish to meet Lana Del Rey in California? I KNOW I WOULD LOVE TO!

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