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Is RICKY a Mediocre Song by Denzel Curry? RICKY Lyrics Review


Denzel Curry – RICKY Lyrics Review

According to Genius Lyrics, RICKY is the first single in 2019 by Denzel Curry since the release of his debut album on July 27, 2018. This energetic track has its highs and its lows. Let’s review the lyrics in RICKY by Denzel Curry today, shall we?


Denzel Curry is an American rapper who grew up in Florida. According to Genius Lyrics, the song ‘RICKY’ is dedicated to his parents and his deceased brother. In the song, he talks about important people who influenced his childhood as a result of which he is who he is today.


The song starts off with a pre-chorus with heavy and disturbingly aesthetic vocal delivery. The metallic glass undertone with a piece of haunting electronic music gives the energetic vibe to ‘RICKY’. Now, let’s look at the lyrics here.

First they mockin’, now they hoppin’
All on the wave, ’cause they see me poppin’

Denzel Curry throws shots at people who had laughed at him when he had no money with him. Now that he has a successful music career, the same people who had laughed at him envy him. He tries to show how jealousy had motivated him to do better in music.


Since this song by Denzel is about giving tributes to his parents, he decided to write chorus off of the bits of advice he had received from his parents.

Part I

My daddy said, “Trust no man but your brothers
And never leave your day ones in the gutter”
My daddy said, “Treat young girls like your mother”

In the first part of the chorus, Denzel collects the advices he has received from his father. He is loyal to his brothers and prays brotherhood because his father had taught him the importance of having people by the side. Denzel recalls his father advising him to treat every girl like a mother and respect them. The rapper is actually really respectful to the women. So, we now know where did he get that trait from.

Part II

My mama said, “Trust no ho, use a rubber”

Denzel Curry’s mother advised him to prefer safe sex. This is a very important piece of advice for Denzel because Florida has the highest rate of HIV infections. The rapper seems totally convinced to follow his mother’s advice.

[Verse 1]

Let’s review the lyrics in the first verse of RICKY by Denzel Curry.

Part I

Leave the cul-de-sac, your brothers gon’ have your back regardless

In the first part of the first verse, Denzel points out the importance of brotherhood. He says no matter what, the brothers will always have each other’s back. This ideology might not be as realistic as it appears. However, you never know. He kind of sounds off the beat in this part.

Part II

And fear no man, but the man above your head”
“Pray before you go to bed,” every day my mama said

Here, in the second part of the chorus, Denzel gives a small shootout to his mother. He recalls his mother’s bits of advice before starting the day and before going back to sleep. Denzel motivates himself by recalling her mom saying don’t fear any man except your father before he wakes up. He motivates himself before sleeping by praying before falling asleep just like his mom said.

[Verse 2]

Let’s review the lyrics in the second verse of RICKY by Denzel Curry.

And your mama ain’t shit, your daddy ain’t shit
And I been makin’ waves way before Nostalgic

While growing up, Denzel had always felt unnecessary and he felt like a burden to his family. He had always felt ignored, unsafe and neglected by his parents and he decided to live on his own. But now, he feels responsible for his parents. He feels like they should be taken care of and everything that happened to him was because of the circumstances.


The song is sweet and mediocre. The interesting aspect of this song is its sound effect. However, the rapper sounds off the beat in the first part of the first verse. It’s so distinct that I wasn’t able to enjoy the rest of the song. The delivery wasn’t at its best.


Despite a minor flaw in delivery of the rap lines in the beat, the song is energetic and inspiring. The age of the target audience of the song could be fifteen to thirty years. The song tries to mix psychedelic trap instrumentals with old school hip-hop beats and it doesn’t quite go well. You can do better in the future, Denzel.

Personal Take

I give ‘RICKY’ by Denzel Curry a light 05/10 in the Lyrics Review category. You can actually do a little better, Denzel, just give it a shot.

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