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What Is Don Toliver ‘Euphoria’ Lyrics Meaning ft. Travis Scott?


Don Toliver – Euphoria Lyrics Meaning ft. Travis Scott

After feeling like he did too much while having ‘No Idea’ what’s going on, Don Toliver is back with a new track featuring his dear mentor, Travis Scott. The new track is titled “Euphoria” which makes it the fourth collaboration of Don Toliver with Travis Scott. On the 17th of January 2020, the song was first taunted on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, where she encompassed a teaser in her Stormi Collection beauty promotion. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Euphoria’ by Don Toliver with Travis Scott which describes the feeling of intense happiness and excitement.

Introduction: Euphoria Lyrics

The word ‘Euphoria’ means a sentiment of intense happiness and enthusiasm. So, the lyrics of ‘Euphoria’ by Don Toliver with Travis Scott might as well be hinting at the euphoric feeling that people experience when they are under the influence of narcotics. Later the day when this track was first teased, the starring singer on this song, Kaash Paige, demonstrated her stake in creating the song via Twitter. There, she disclosed Travis Scott’s involvement as well as the placement of the song on Don Toliver’s upcoming debut studio record, HEAVEN OR HELL.

Euphoria Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Euphoria’ by Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott section-wise.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: Kaash Paige, with Travis ScottDon Toliver]

The singers are expressing the way they are drowning in the state of happiness after having a ton of narcotics flowing in their bloodstream. It is so easy to understand the notion behind the lyrics of ‘Euphoria’ when the lead single of the coach of Don Toliver, Travis Scott, is titled ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM‘. The singers want to get high on substance and then experience that feeling of intense excitement and joy which essentially describes the term ‘Euphoria’.

[Verse 1: Kaash Paige]

We people have a problem. The problem is we check our phones too much even when we know there is nothing interesting for us to look up to. We are becoming dopaminergic to the point where all we seek is entertainment and nothing else. Dopamine is a compound in our body that responsible to make us feel good. Even though we know there is nothing important for us to deal with on our phones, we keep checking our phones only to stumble across fake friends that don’t care about you and to devalue our own self-worth.

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]

Success didn’t come easy to Travis Scott. He was basically on the streets before he could walk down on the Red Carpet with Kylie Jenner by his side. The rapper uses the term “mode” which could be referring to his mega-hit “SICKO MODE” from 2018. Travis knows that he is not good at everything he does. He cannot reach out and get everything he wants to despite being very affluent. But when he tries to get something he becomes generous and euphoric after he gets it.

[Verse 3: Don Toliver]

Don Toliver believes that he entered into the music industry or into the life of his significant other at the right moment. However, he always thought he could do better than what he had been doing. But right at this moment, the rapper is thinking of his girlfriend and he is obsessed with the thoughts of her. Even though there are a ton of other girls looking to spend time with him, Don is tied up with his partner on an emotional level. This attachment gives him the feeling of ‘Euphoria’ which keeps him indestructible.

Conclusion: Euphoria Lyrics Meaning

The song basically explains how happy the singers are with the company of narcotics and their significant others. I guess the way they live their lives really pushes them to look and search for other things that force dopamine into their systems. This way, they feel good about themselves despite not being able to interact with people in a normal way. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Euphoria’ by Don Toliver with Travis Scott? Let us know in the comments section below.

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