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Drake ‘Chicago Freestyle’ Lyrics Meaning Pays Homage to Eminem


Drake – Chicago Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

Drake has just surprised us with two brand new songs and his sound as well as bars sound very potent. As much as we all love Drake’s meme and everything that Drake is up to cause he is a chill, fun-loving guy, his musical ability is equally demanding when it comes to receiving critical acclaims as well as criticisms. Out of the two other songs released today, this one stands out in particular for a reason! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake which pays respect to a big Eminem hit ‘Superman’.

Introduction: Chicago Freestyle Lyrics

Drake is feeding us with his usual musical theme of learning from a bad relationship history in the lyrics of ‘Chicago Freestyle.’ It doesn’t matter how saturated it gets, at this point, everything Drake puts out is entertaining. Well, this claim would be an understatement only if it were true. Drake assigns his lyrics to the life lessons he has understood on his way to the top. He evaluates the several blunders he has brought about in his previous affairs.

Chicago Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake section-wise where he openly pays homage to the legendary Eminem.

[Chorus: Giveon]

In congruence with the title of the song itself, Giveon drops a hint to indicate the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Chicago Freestyle’ as a reference to the numerous applaudable vibe of the titular city. The Cloud Gate, recognized by its established phrase “The Chicago Bean,” is a public art sculpture modeled by an Indian-British artist Anish Kapoor that was first disclosed to the public in 2004 in Millennium Park, Chicago. This structure has evolved to be an unmissable part of Chicago and it is now one of the greatly prominent tourist sites in the city.

[Verse 1: Drake]

Drake reveals the state of his commitment level in his verse. His ride from a luxury truck to the plane and back to the luxury truck. Then, he checks into the hotel, showers up to get ready for the club. After that, Drake tries to reach out to the partners from the locale that he’s previously met. However, some partners are involved in a committed relationship while some numbers lead him to the traders. Drake reckons they probably changed their numbers for the exchange of narcotics.

However, the rapper asserts that it’s not difficult for him to find a partner. The problem is that he likes the curbs and the chubs. Drake would willingly swipe his card for the people he loves. But the problem is he wouldn’t even know if they are married with children at home. Everyone wants to take advantage of him. Then, they try to hurt him but that seldom works. It’s because he is Drake! Drake doesn’t care, Drake goes hard, and Drake doesn’t mind seeing his money in the grave.

[Pre-Chorus: Drake]

This is the part where Drake pays homage to Eminem by referencing his infamous track “Superman” dropped in 2002 with barely altered lyrics. In his lyrics, Eminem tells that he is not willing to deal with the troubles of other people. He is simply befriending them to gratify his desires and cravings. However, Drake is comprehending Slim Shady’s lyrics in an entirely different manner. He has gotten exhausted from short-term affairs and is open to trying something more meaningful.

[Verse 2: Drake]

Newer fancy pieces of jewelry are on their way to Drake’s safe which he barely puts on and keeps them as something of a collection. When he goes out on a date, his partner sees a big bill on his name and is asked if that’s a typo. But he assures that he’s got a plan to show the things bigger than his dreams. He’s had involved with plenty of partners and he’s sinned numerous times. But this time, Drake wishes to get serious in a relationship and commit to his dream partner. However, he won’t try to hold on to his interest and force them to stay.

Conclusion: Chicago Freestyle Meaning

It’s weird to see Drake singing about wanting to be in a relationship but all he gets are partners that want to get close to him. Drake is settled and built up as a family for himself. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake where he pays tribute to Eminem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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