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What Is Drake ‘D4L’ Lyrics Meaning With Future and Young Thug All About?


Drake – D4L Lyrics Meaning

What is the favorite note of Drake? A minor. It’s obviously a joke, guys, don’t attack me in the comments section below. Welcome, we are here to experience the level of wealth these musicians have decided to show off during the time of economic crisis. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘D4L’ by Drake, only at Laviasco, with Future & Young Thug.

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Introduction: D4L Lyrics

Future and Drake have been considered as one of the best rap duos. With the release of ‘Life Is Good’ and ‘Desires‘ with Future, Toosie Slide rapper, Drake is back again with ‘D4L’ which includes Young Thug as well. The song is a tribute to Atlanta Hip-Hop collective D4L. In the lyrics of the song, however, we can expect a ton of flexing. Personally, it’s not my taste of Drake. But let’s give it a shot.

D4L Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘D4L’ by Drake section-wise, exclusively at Laviasco, with Future and Young Thug.

[Intro/ Chorus: Future, Young Thug & Drake]

In these sections of ‘D4L’ lyrics, Drake, Future, and Young Thug mention their own record-labels as a promotion. Future’s (FREEBANDZ Gang, or FBG) was previously mentioned in “Life Is Good” as well. Young Thug’s (Young Stoner Life Records, or YSL) and Drake’s very popular (October’s Very Own, or OVO) are mentioned in the lyrics. Every label was organized by the respective artists with huge stakes in their respective businesses.

[Verse 1: Future & Young Thug]

In the first verse of ‘D4L’, the rappers are flexing their Ferrari with their right hand on the steering. They also show their love for American women with Future referring to his Haitian ancestry. This verse talks about the fascination of the rappers with the girls that are used to with narcotics since they were young. The love for narcotics and money is highly prioritized in this verse.

[Verse 2: Drake]

In his verse for the song ‘D4L’, Drake gives a shoutout to his own record label as well as Future’s record label, OVO, and FREEBANDZ. He says whether it’s FREEBANDZ or it’s OVO, it has the same feels to it and they both are the same thing, just like what he used to say with OVOXO, with The Weeknd. Drake gives a shoutout to Nike brand as he did on SICKO MODE with Travis Scott as well.

[Verse 3: Future & Young Thug]

In this section for ‘D4L’, Future and Young Thug talk about their average monthly income without having to do too much work. It’s roughly Thirteen Thousand USD a month and it’s a recurring amount. Even though it’s not a lot, considering people make over a Million Dollars a month, it is still a big number. The rappers mention that they celebrated their success with their mother by buying her a Ferrari. They are obsessed with Ferraris, I guess.

Conclusion: D4L Meaning

D4L is a 2000’s hip-hop band formed by Atlanta based musicians FaboMook-BStoney, and Shawty Lo. The whole song is a tribute to these Southside rappers. Even though the song isn’t my taste of Drake’s music, here we are, talking about him. Why? Well, IT IS DRAKE. You simply cannot hate Drake. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘D4L’ by Drake, Future & Young Thug? Let us know in the comments section below.

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