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Drake ‘War’ Lyrics Meaning With The Weeknd & OVOXO References


Drake – War Lyrics Meaning

On the 19th of December 2019, Shoot the Messenger released a teaser for a new Drake song which he had recently sung live in a Canadian club. This track evidently deals with his friendship with The Weeknd and fires chances at his opponent. The song records the rapper’s fourth one released in 2019, followed by June’s ‘Money in the Grave‘. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘War’ by Drake.

Drake has amazed his enthusiasts and the whole music industry with a premature Christmas gift, i.e. a new song, accompanied by an finished off snowy music video. Even though the song ‘War’ was released without a planned promotion, his fanbase had a notion that this song exists. Their doubts were confirmed by the teasers of the song that have been performed throughout the former week in several occasions.

Introduction: Drake War Lyrics

Drake had disclosed supporting visuals on the 24th of December 2019 which is embedded below. The video portrays Drake at a snowy cliff with several partners which means there is a cold side of the OVO team together and nothing can break them apart. Drake is no outsider to releasing music here and there with minor or no promotional notification. However, this recent track might as well wind up as one of Drake’s most crucial songs.

In the song, the rapper deals with a ton of animosities which includes his friendship with The Weeknd. He talks about how he feels about feuding with other artists in the game as well. Uncertainties between The Weeknd and Drake had first caught its flame when both rappers went out with Bella Hadid, whose name isn’t mentioned in the lyrics of ‘War,’ but her sister, Gigi, is mentioned in the song. This means we can hope for an OVO-XO project pretty soon with Drake not fighting the “War” with The Weeknd.

Drake – War Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘War’ by Drake section-wise.


We’ve divided major sections of this verse into different parts.

Part I

The first part of the song initiates with Drake talking about how scared he’s been of cyber attacks and getting his music stolen. This means he doesn’t use emails and iCloud. Even though Drake is used to showing his uncaring perspective in his music, he doesn’t do anything illegal that involves the police. Everyone around him is there for him to get attention. This isn’t surprising considering the influence that he has.

Then, Drake proceeds to drop the name of Bella Hadid’s sister, Gigi Hadid. At first, Drake teases The Weeknd saying he thought he was a bad boy. But after his heart getting broken up, The Weeknd turned into a protective and vulnerable person instead of owning his “bad boy” character to show his toughness. Drake mentions Kendall Jenner as well and adds sentiment to it which means, every girl he dates must be the one who isn’t willing to commit to anyone.

Part II

Drake further adds to clarify his point of commitment. He doesn’t wish to glorify a relationship that he knows isn’t going to last for eternity which basically means the short-term relationship is the best for his life. The only thing that Drake focuses on is his money and his career. He’d rather catch flights and live a lavish lifestyle than to try to find love in his life.

Further, on the track, Drake confirms that everyone is always trying to get into his weaknesses just so they can expose them to the public for attention. This could very well allude to Pusha T’s brutal attacks on Drake’s reputation in 2018 through a series of diss tracks. But his team always fights back to win the war which means Drake and his crew always pay their debt. Drake adds that the artists these days focus more on Instagram appearances and their image than on their music.

Part III

Drake has asked “Are you dumb or stupid?” in a grandiloquent manner to exhibit the insensibility of not conceding with the point he’s been trying to make. Then he calls The Weeknd “the guy that sounds like the one who had sung Thriller”. As cliche as it sounds, it still means that Drake and The Weeknd are in good terms as mentioned in the ” War” lyrics and well, it’s good for us as we love them both! All they had was a “small problem”, which has been fixed now, apparently.

Conclusion: Drake War Meaning

This song has very good potential to climb up the music charts, maybe after Christmas, but it’s fated to be at the top. But the song gave us a hint towards a possible OVO-XO reunion. Finally, the Canadian music giants are together in good terms. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘War’ by Drake? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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