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Hidden Frank Ocean ‘Dear April’ Lyrics Meaning Talks Infidelity & Toxic Ex


Frank Ocean – Dear April Lyrics Meaning

Frank Ocean is an amazing artist. At least we don’t need to wait for his songs or anything like that. Jokes aside, Frank has finally arrived at the right time during Coronavirus lockdown to give us a taste of what it feels like to be listening to his music. He has simultaneously dropped a track titled ‘Cayendo‘ as well. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Dear April’ by Frank Ocean, only at Laviasco, which ends his affairs with his toxic ex because of infidelity.

Introduction: Dear April Lyrics

“Dear April” is a sentimental passionate song from Frank Ocean, accentuating him clarifying to his romantic interest how their connection will never be similar to what it was previously. The song underlines support from an offshoot instrumental and has his ditties appearing in and out of the vanguard of the song. But what is the song really about? Let’s find out.

Dear April Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Dear April’ by Frank Ocean, exclusively at Laviasco, which gives a message of things never becoming the same ever again to his romantic interest as a result of infidelity.

[Verse/ Outro]

‘Dear April’ has a single verse and an outro of two lines in the song to which we’ll break down part-wise as follows:

Part I

Since ‘Cayendo’, the other song Frank Ocean dropped with this one has a ton of Spanish references, if we take this fact into consideration, in Spanish, April or “Abril” can also be borrowed as a means to refer to the youth. This can be correlated to the track in the understanding that by vocalizing “Dear April”, the singer is referring to his own youth and how it has molded him onto being the man that he is today.

“Dear April” can very well be his yearning for his romantic interest by portraying him as “April”, i.e. Spring, romance, and fun. This song might as well simply be about his love for April month and the jokes that are made as to the culture of “April Fool”. Regardless of what April means to the almighty Frank Ocean, this song is for sure is amazing.

Part II

The verse for ‘Dear April’ starts with Frank Ocean asserting that it’s the only face that he knows of and he doesn’t know anybody else. By questioning “are you watching him”, the singer wants to know if his romantic interest is giving HIM the same attention as that of before. The singer wants to know whether or not his every move and step are being carefully observed as well, which he mentions in the outro of the song too.

Frank Ocean in the lyrics for ‘Dear April’ highlights the secure feeling that he as well as his romantic interest felt during the beginning of their relationship. Everything was perfect until the significant other of the singer cheated on him with two other strangers. Those moments were so secretive and well planned out that the singer cannot trust this person like he used to anymore.

Part III

As badly as Frank Ocean wants to forget about it, in the lyrics of ‘Dear April’, he says he can forgive his infidel ex but he cannot erase the memory of him not being enough to his romantic interest. Even though his lover is ready to change and go to the moon for him, it will not be enough to gain the trust of the singer back. The singer wants to come into peace with this as well but he simply cannot forget what happened behind his back.

Even though the relationship is going to fail at the end, Frank Ocean hopes “Dear April” will always find a way to get by. However, if he clings to this relationship, he’ll never be able to trust his lover completely as there will always be the shred of “Is he cheating on me?” The singer feels woken up and he feels as though it’s right for him to move on to someone else.

Conclusion: Dear April Meaning

April for Frank Ocean is similar to natural biological strength that grabbed them to the exact spot at the exact moment. The track was first teased at Frank’s PrEP+ night club occasion in New York City on the 17th of October 2019. He then officially dropped the song as a single on vinyl via on the 19th of October 2019. Initially vinyl-exclusive, the track was ultimately dropped on streaming platforms on the 3rd of April 2020.

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