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Analysis of Halsey ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ Lyrics Meaning


Halsey – Finally // beautiful stranger

The next song after ‘Clementine‘ is finally here which is titled ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’. This song recites the way Halsey had connected with her prospective romantic interest and colleague YUNGBLUD (the couple had broken up by the day the track was published). During the promotion of their collaboration “11 Minutes” in February 2019, the couple had discussed the day they had met for the first time. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Finally // beautiful stranger” by Halsey.

Introduction: Finally // beautiful stranger Lyrics

The track ‘Finally // beautiful stranger,’ is a country-influenced, guitar-suitable romantic track that begins with wailing a bit like Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I.‘ The song was released with a music video which features Halsey delivering her best on the stage in two exceptionally incompatible environments. In one, she is vocalizing in a murky, vacant bar, and in the other, she is all adorned and bedazzled in a brilliantly lit space, settling with what could be interpreted as an unnatural, phony smile.

Finally // beautiful stranger Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ by Halsey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The singer points out the deep green eyes of YUNGBLUD. Even though his masculinity looks sour, he tastes good. Despite breaking up, she’d still want him to show up at her apartment. However, at this particular moment, she is with her roommates. This means they can’t have one on one conversation. Therefore, she doesn’t want him to come over. But she wouldn’t mind seeing him at a bar where they would be unbothered by anyone else around.


Since it is clear that this song isn’t as dramatic as her previous hit “Without Me“, we can say that the lyrical composition of the song portrays the fun kind of breakup where the friendship still exists. Even though she confirms that their relationship cannot be anything more than “just friends”, she just cannot resist kissing his lips.


At this moment, a beautiful stranger is holding her hands, posturing her face staring right into his eyes with their lips ready to kiss one another. Even though this moment is hard to let go of, she is trying her best to convince that this intimacy that she shares with him will come back to haunt her. However, she would still go with the flow and lock the lips. This time again, she is in the graveyard digging her own grave.

[Verse 2]

As the relationship between them is progressing forward, she often forgets that this isn’t going to last forever. Then, she pulls back to withdraw from the affection in order to take care of her heart. However, she feels him so addictive that she already feels like she isn’t going to get over him. She is trying to convince herself that he is going to stay for her no matter what. However, she knows that it’s her one-sidedness that’s losing the touch of reality. But her mirky and doubtful smile in the music video tells a lot more than just the lyrics of the song.

Conclusion: Finally // beautiful stranger Meaning

It’s hard for everyone to find someone that will stay for you. But don’t let this concept consume you or else your brain will convince you to settle down for someone that’s not available for you. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ by Halsey? Is this “beautiful stranger” her one and only? Let us know in the comments section below.

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