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What Is Happiness For You? Lana Del Rey – Happiness is a butterfly Lyrics Meaning


Lana Del Rey – Happiness is a butterfly Lyrics Meaning

Lana Del Rey has something to say about happiness in her album “Norman F*cking Rockwell!”. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Happiness is a butterfly’ by Lana Del Rey.

The song, written and produced by Jack Antonoff, features Lana’s vocals over a soft piano ballad.


According to Genius Lyrics, the title of the song is inspired by American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne. She said:

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

I sometimes question myself how do people get such insights?

Happiness is a butterfly Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Happiness is a butterfly’ by Lana Del Rey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Lana Del Rey started her career as someone who hasn’t found her sound yet! However, her music progressed to the epitome of looming sadness.

The dark cloud following her soul is a result of her own choices in life. She knows when the dark cloud comes to her and cries along with her pain.

The constant form of sadness caused due to heartbreaks is not a new thing for Lana Del Rey. However, she gets caught up in the same cycle of heartbreak every single time.

Now she’s had enough! Lana wants to know if her love interest wants her or not? She has heard the rumors and every rumor contradicts to one another.

Well, Lana is contradicting herself, to be honest. But she doesn’t care anymore. She loves him like he is the last man on earth as referenced in “F*ck it I love you“.

The dark cloud following her got so bad that she lost the sense of everything around her.

Lana drops her keys unconsciously and goes to the bar so as to drink, trying to forget about grief. Her actions have led her to bad consequences, all due to a rejection from her lover.

She has expressed her extreme nostalgia due to relationships in “The Greatest” track.

[Refrain 1]

These days, Lana believes that happiness is a butterfly. We try to catch it every single time.

Only a few people can catch it but most of the people lose what they have already got in the process of catching even more butterflies.

Here is a tip from Lana Del Rey herself.

Don’t try too hard to catch it… just dance until it finds u.

It couldn’t be less true. When we chase something in life obsessively, it finds a way to lose your importance.

One should always treat every day as a soothing musical play and not as a burden. Then, and only then, you will be able to see the world differently.



Due to a repeated cycle of heartbreaks, she is not scared of anyone around her. Even if she is out there on a date with a serial killer, she doesn’t care anymore.

Her philosophy is nothing bad can happen to a girl who ha given up on herself already. It doesn’t matter how the world treats her. Nothing matters as well.

She is even willing to give up her life for a shred of happiness. So, she doesn’t care if the society tells her that the man she is dating is dangerous.

If they are in fact correct, then Lana wouldn’t even be surprised. She has already declared herself a cursed person.

Both Lana and her love interest are looked at negatively by the media and society. But she sees the sadness in her lover’s eyes.

She feels the need to give her love interest a chance even though she is a shredded person herself.


The meaning behind the word “taxi” is crafted very poetically in the lyrics of ‘Happiness is a butterfly’ by Lana Del Rey.

Lana refers the taxi to a place of loneliness which takes her to her home, while the relationship crumbles at the same time.

It is evident that everyone takes advantage of Lana. She gives chances to people and the people around her conspire against her after they get what they wanted from her.

Everyone treats her nicely until they get what they want from her. Then, they become a jerk to her and treat her badly.


In the post-chorus section, Lana Del Rey talks about her interest to dance with her lover. However, it is too late.

Her romantic interest has already got what he wants from her. Therefore, he doesn’t see a need to please a woman.

Lana needs better people around her. She is surrounded by narcissists.

[Verse 2]

In order to pursue happiness, Lana Del Rey was used to immersing herself in nature. She used to walk down the shores and the beaches.

But now, she is going from one club to another, thinking maybe this would help her.

Lana wants to know if she can live by herself without needing any validation from anybody around her.

By doing so, she doesn’t realize that she is, in fact, seeking validation in the season of the witch. She is trying to become someone she is not.

Another theory could be, she wanted to fit in with the “bad boy” culture of going to the club. So, she left her habits of diving into nature behind and is now headed towards the club.

Someone, please tell Lana that it is not healthy for her to do so!

[Refrain 2]

In the second refrain, Lana Del Rey repeats the same message.

We shouldn’t chase the butterflies that make us happy. Instead, we should dance until it comes to us and then we should catch it when it is with us.

We shouldn’t forget about art while seeking happiness. According to Lana Del Rey, we should dive into nature and lose ourselves into the music while seeking happiness around us.


What is happiness for you?

Do you agree that happiness is a butterfly?

Let me know what do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Happiness is a butterfly’ by Lana Del Rey! Leave a comment down below.

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